Horizon Of War

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One ultimate turret equipped with an arsenal of weaponry against 99,999 invading commies; do you have what it takes to become the world leader?

Please note, 99999 enemies is an impossible target to reach, it's just for fun, your highscore is still based on how many you can kill.

Click + hold left mouse button to shoot.
Right Click for options
Press 'P' to pause

Designed and Developed for www.rustyarcade.com
Music by Skragga and andrew-parker


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Yeah, its boring. No upgrades, other than the temps that fall from the sky. I feel bad for Tanner Moore, the champ. Thats a good 6 hours you wasted there, buddy.

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it was horrible and i mean there is no way to upg or anything its just way too simple


It lacked something.... Didn't grab me like all the other defense games.

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your an idiot!

the whole idea behind a crosshair is to aim it, shoot, and have the bullet hit some where atleast close to your iintended target!! why do the missles just fucking fall to the ground! they HAVE ROCKET PROPULSION a missle should fly in a straight line not fall to the ground like the retarded brother of a smart bomb! your a total idiot for constructing your game in such a manner!

whats with the bad guys they run at you so freakn fast and you have to be dead on to kill one which as everyone knows is IMPOSSIBLE because you cant aim! get rid of the the god damn thermostat, a wave of baddies is swarming you and theres nothing you can do because your freaking gun is to hot! power ups are rarely used because their difficult to hit and in the heat of battle who has the time to try and hit a small box with 3 or 4 retarded missles! i hate this garbage game!

the only reason this game escaped blamnation is because of the pretty visuals!

Good game

Awsome somebody cheated the high scores?

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Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Nov 15, 2007
6:23 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed