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Long time no submitting(harhar)
anyway... I haven't uploaded anything in a long time since the flash program doesn't really work well with my tablet... but then a very kind person told me that I could upload easytoon files into flash and voila! heres my best animation so far.
SORRY that it's just a single music track from fat boy slim that continues but I don't have the time to put sound fxs on it
the titel is EMIL because I did this for a very good friends little brother called emil... so...
but I hope you enjoy. It's some naruto inspired action. no plot, no philosophicall somthing... just action... I hope you don't mind but sometimes it's just nice to sit back and turn of the brain =P
EDIT: Thank you all so much for the very kind reviews and faves! They mean a lot to me. I'm going to continue with this style but I'll try and improve the sound next time ;) thanks again.
MUSIC - Fatboy Slim: gangster trippin'

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So. going through my old favorites, and I think I remember finding this super funny back in the day.
Naruto was still huge, and I was genuinely impressed by the amount of effort you put in as individual.
The MS paint style of it really reminds me of some MS Paint detective early days before that artists started making Homestuck.
Anyways, I think you can look back and this, and feel proud of the effort you put in.
Thank you for making this.

Going through my old favorites.
Its clear to see why this piece landed there in the first place. Great animation!


lmao awsome flash i loved it it was the very def. of epic


This is best Easytoon in my opinion :D

omg omg omg lol lol

my friend just amazing man just amazing. You have great understanding of concept story and originality and just plain funny. I loved the ending it made me die laughing, i love the song but i dont think it really works with the whole story cuz its supposed to be serious fight so some kind of fight song would have worked better but fatboy slim is awesome as well. if you ever need a writer hit me up, i am a lot better at writing when it concerns work then just reviews if you want i can send you a copy of a story i am working on i kind of stoped on it cuz of mean grammer nazis that were just straight up assholes that ruined it for me. laters and the name is ryan