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Exile Preliminary 1

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LOL. Flat out, this is the coolest movie ever.

Look at it this way, I'm this 14 year old kid who wants to make this epic adventure cartoon, but didn't know a THING about actually making videos.... Like, what a little hotshot hey?

Anyways, enjoy this, i do a blog www.lifeinexile.net and that's kinda fun. See ya.

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u did a great job with the movie plot and OKAY graphics...at least for a little hotshot.

It could be I'm just picky but

you've got decent skill at drawing and plot ploys, but it all seems rushed, like you're anxious to get the action done. it makes your work look sloppier than it really is and it ruins your good drama-story


Methinks that the father should have had a different voice. Along with most of your other characters.
still, it was decent.
Animation: Fair. There were several faults, but this was made 3 years ago. I'm sure you've improved since then.
Character design: fair, at the least. the outlines of the characters should be cleaned up at least a little more.
Music choices: Enjoyed them.

Final word: I liked the style that your characters were drawn in, but I think they need to be cleaned up just a tad. If it's done too much it would, I think, make it look bad. Kind of like sketching something.

RiverJordan responds:

the way i made it was from drawing on paper, scanning, and then breaking apart the colours and deleting the white :P Just an odd descision from a stupid 15 year old haha

Nice bro

It was really cool i look forward to number 2.

Time to check out 2 & 3!

Kudos to MK for the music... Most of it lol... I hear number 3 is the big one for him so I am going to check it out... After number 2... As for the movie it was pretty good... For some reason I didn't like the figures you chose. Too beginnerish you could say. Something like that. But with this being the first, I am only expectiong more from two and 3.