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My entry into the Halloween '07 contest. Tried to go for a sort of horror movie, noir style. Runs in 25 fps, and was done in little less than 2 months with a mouse. If I somehow manage to win even the smallest sum of money on this, the first thing I will buy is a graphics tablet. XD


Never to old.

You are never to old to trick or treat :D let this be a lesson to any one that thinks other wise. as for the cat ... well it had to be silenced it was giveing away his postion ... he wanted the element of surprise ;)

damn dude

great music, animation and concept. truly impressive. <claps>

Awesomeness in a box.

Erm, yeah, let's bash someones head in with a bowl full of candy, but for the love of GOD, don't hurt that puzzy, you fuckin' hypocrits.

One of the better flashes in a looong time, I fell in love with it right from the start, the music, the way you draw, the content, all of it was absolutely amazing.
When the door rang, I couldn't stop laughing, I guess it's my kind of humor.

Hope you make more dude!

Delicously sick!

The icon you chose for this, or the blurb you wrote, does nothing giving away this flash. It's brutal, dark, demented, and a little bit gorey. I loves it!

Oh Dude!

Was that last review really your own dad?! That's harsh man. If it was your dad...no offence guy's dad... but you're an idiot. "Stupid flash videos" eh? With experience and dedication, animators can make damn good money doing flash animations. Show some damn support for your son you old bastard. What have you accomplished in your pathetic life? Got a good RSP goin perhaps hmm? Is that the scope of your achievements on this planet? Served a company well I bet... like a good slave. Good movie man. I'm not a fan of that type of gore but you're definately skilled.

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3.86 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2007
9:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original