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BallFall 3

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As the 3rd installment of the BallFall series,this one is probably the best.It features 4 game modes,each consisting of 3 paddles,3 balls,and a spot of fun!

-Choose you game mode and difficulty
-Drag rectangles below the ball of the corresponding color
-Rack up points before you are out of lives!
-Ball speed will increase for each point/life loss
-Difficulty determines the ball's starting speed
-Final score is determined by your score and time playing

-Regular Mode-
This is basic BallFall.Just catch the balls to score until you are out of lives.

-Endurance Mode-
Do the same as Regular Mode,except there are no lives and the ball speeds do not increase.
Just play until you think your at the top of the scores!

-Pong Mode-
This is pong.The only change is that you have 3 balls and 3 paddles,and each ball must be
hit off the paddle of the corresponding color.Speeds increase,and you are at gameover when
your lives are gone.

-Blockbreaker Mode-
This is basically like pong,except there are blocks to destroy.Destroy blocks for as long as you
can,and see if you can make it to the 4th level:The Bonus Round(it's pretty tough,even on easy mode)

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Yay Review Nr 4!!

Quite good gameplay.

An Ok game

Not an original idea however some aspects were good.
The graphics were good but could of been a tad better (think maybe glass effects on tiles a bit more?)

The sounds wernt so great, a bit too alike. I would have faster music for harder levels etc. - Sorry i wont get into the psycology of games but maybe an idea for the future?

To sumarise: A good game but still room for alot of improvement. 6/10

Good luck

Ed George


I was playing the bonus stage of pong mode and out of nowhere it popped up game over. I still had nine lives and the balls had not touched the ground yet. It wasn't bad until that happened. I gave it a lower score though because if the game ends when it shouldn't that is a major fun ruiner.

Thomas responds:

Yes,I guess that's one thing I forgot to mention,the Bonus round lasts until you have around 600 points and then the game ends.It wasn't a glitch or anything.

Nice Game!

Nice game allthough it gets a little hard on easy after about 4 drops of each ball.
Good Job =)