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it is a clock crew movie!

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A world with Clocks

A tom fulp vs wade fulp clock fil lol I love it, seems like there could be more of an ending about it, A world with clocks or atleast a newgrounds world, they bring lots of fun action and great moments in the portal I must have seen hundreads of "CLOCK-MOVIES" over the years and even to this day I never get tired of what the clocks "SHOWCASE" on the screen.

seems like there could be more of an ending about it


Wait a minute

StrawberryClock wasn't wearing any underwear!

The King goes commando style.

joeneato responds:

well I think we should keep in mind that we're not sure what we were seeing in that scene

was wade fulp imagining the whole thing? was it something he witnessed?!!
I left it for the audience to decide and I think the ambiguity of the conflict really contributed to the themes and mise en scéne ala david lynch or darren aronofsky

thank you for your patronage strangeclock

Lol that frickin made my day.

not just cause its the clock crew either. That was really funneh.
So happy that Tom and wade have pics of SBc on their wall :)

joeneato responds:

They are StrawberryClock's biggest fans!

a fun movie

i pretty much liked that, it was ok. i liked the part wase was imagining the strawberry getting his pant on. it was pretty cool

joeneato responds:

cool that's pretty nice.


Tom/Wade used a TextEdit voice, right?

joeneato responds:


If I recall correctly, it was either Fred or Ralph, pitched and tempo'd to more closely match whatever TTS was used in StrawberryClock V

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4.26 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2007
12:20 AM EDT