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LRU 1: Lost Sweeper

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Author Comments

After over a year of working on this on and off, I finally finished the next Lethal Rpg game. This is a completely new Lethal Rpg series with new characters, enemies, areas and game play. The new element this time round is the ability to explore the land on foot that had not been incorporated in previous Lethal Rpg's. And yes like my previous RPG's you can level up to an extremely powerful warrior and claim the title of 'ultimate'. And the game autosaves so no more codes!

*Note if you cannot access your first quest straight away click on cancel quest then the first quest!
' if it pauses can u tell me which monster you were facing plz, just reset it if it does this and load you save'
*Small glitches fixed*

Spacebar - hit gauge bar, open door or area
up arrow - walk up, hit gauge bar
down arrow - walk down
left arrow - walk left
right arrow - walk right

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Classic, good music, good gameplay, good characters, overall 5 stars!

Pretty decent RPG here. Has a couple unfixed glitches and I wish the max level was reached sooner (it's level 30), but those are the only major issues.

Tips for everyone else:

@Dullsonic: you just go east and north until you fight a knight boss. Should be really straight forward.

@Anthromorphick: like all flash games on NG, the game gets saved into your browser on the computer you played on, so no, you can't play on one computer and load the same data from another (unless browser data transferring is possible). Also, be careful what cookies get cleared from your browser or you might delete your game data.

And my last tip is how to power level. First off, there's really no need to do the quests, as skipping ahead to the 100XP guys and killing them a lot is probably best (if you can take them) compared to tediously hunting for low level mobs. More importantly, the REAL power leveling comes from replaying tournaments, as you don't have to walk around for a while between battles, plus there's the bonus after winning all the battles.

The best part about the tournaments is earning the electric spells, which are the deadliest attacks in the game and come with a stun chance (btw, you don't actually get a new heal spell with them). If you can survive the second to last tourney, you're getting XP at the fastest rate. If not, cast Electric on the Krytic in the last area, as it can kill them in one shot. Buy magic potions with spare gold you have. Also, use spells rather than attacking, as doing the QTE to attack takes quite a bit longer than just casting a spell.

Last bit of info (for those who don't want to grind for hours): you get a code for winning the last tourney.


Not sure where to enter the code though... Will mention in a review for the next chapter (Resurrection) if I find out, as that's where the last tournament's victory screen says it's supposed to be entered.


is the game saves at other computer at your account?


Awesome Game dude, if there was a rating called 100, i would rate it that :)!

Credits & Info

4.32 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2007
5:36 PM EDT