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This game is a ping pong game where you play against the computer up to 21. Please write to me how I can improve the game. DKNH Pong 2 comes out soon! Go to www.dknh.org for more great games! Just to let you know, if you play at extreme level, it is possible to win although it is hard. Have fun!


Theres so many better pong clones out there...

Well made, I guess... The paddles and ball both start off way too slow to be any real fun. There's no sound, not even the basic "boop"... "boop"... "buzz"

There's so many things you can do to make this game actually cool, but skimped and somehow successfully made a pong clone that's worse than the original.

People hate pong clones for a reason, they're all the same and add no features or even humor to the giant pong genre. If you added a ridiculous storyline, better gameplay (quicker paddles/balls), even add simple features like, sticky paddle, multiball, wiggleball, etc. Just play arkanoid or one of it's many clones and see what I mean. Add a dumb storyline taking place in the far future with a tron-esque maybe star wars sports arena feel or something...

You can pretty much add ANYTHING and make this game better than it is right now. Even if it has nothing to do with the game. Like a dancing hamster in the corner that doesn't do anything but distract the player from the actual mundane nature of the game.

Add something!

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Make something else

Im sick of people making pong games.

I agree with dream of duke.

this is just another pong game.Its not badly made but its lacking substance,maybe submit a 2.0 with selectable paddles,music and some more appeal.you did ok but dont waste potential. (: , (


Nothing special, just another pong game. Try something new next time!


Your figure moves way too slow ( the paddle that you control). It isn't appealing, and it just isn't that fun... Sound effects and music could be added.

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2.13 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2007
7:49 PM EDT
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