The Snapshot Killer

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My entry for the Halloween Contest. Lights out and sound up for maximum enjoyment! :D

I'll probably turn this into a series.
Thanks to John Hodge (carlhyperweevil) for doing some of the voices.


This was truly amazing

The drawings look very simple, but that didn't ruin this flash movie. I don't remember when a flash gave me the creeps. I guess this is the first time it happens.
I loved the sound effects and the spooky ambient you created in this, it was truly epic. However adding a suspense music before the guy was assassinated could had make it look even more scarier than it is.
Conclusion: Epic horror video. Congratulations.

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that was cool

yeah i'll be honest i really only watched that because i'm from colorado, but it's really a good place for a killer story cause we have some wierd ass people here, lol, yeah it was really good, it kinda seemed like the style of animation didnt really fit the dark theme though, it just seemed to bright and sort of cartoony and it took away from the film a little bit for me, but still it was really good
and i just wanted to say we have a beaujos (the pizza place in colorado springs) in fort collins too, they have tommy knockers though, good shit

Dasneviano responds:

You meant Idaho Springs, right? 'Cause they don't have BeauJo's in Colorado Springs. Also, I don't drink beer, so I've never been to Tommyknockers, but my friends said it's pretty good.
And yeah, Colorado is perfect for this story, it's a creepy place with weird people wrapped up with the cries of scary crows!

I think that was very good

that was awesome I love these kinds of videos before Halloween great job

Dasneviano responds:


Well made

Creepy and well animated. Can't wait for the next one!


that was just disturbing! good work! can't, wait for the second flash!

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3.87 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2007
2:38 PM EDT