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Been working on this since July. I hope it shows. Longest I've really worked on any artistic project before. :B Almost all of it is frame-by-frame, but there are a few tweens here and there. But mostly all frame-by-frame with the brush tool, which is what caused the size to balloon up so monstrously, I think. Sorry about that again. D: I didn't really think of that until I finished animating the whole thing. Whoops!

Almost every character from the first two games is in here! Almost (cough ema sal hotti regina cough). 8D I've been working on this so long that it's lost a lot of its random appeal to me, but I hope you guys enjoy it.

Also there's maybe a touch of gay, if you think two people of the same gender dancing together is gay. But there's het too! It aaaaall evens out. 8D

Edit 10/11/07 - Now that I'm (more) awake, I looked it over again and fixed some minor timing weirdness and some graphical oversights here and there, nothing too major but I went and fixed them up anyway. Looks better now! At least to me. :B Also fixed the chopped off numbers on the preloader. HURR HURR. :B I'm so good at this.

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still funny to watch <3

I was weirded out by the title. Of course it would be about Phoenix Wright! Silly me! I just enjoyed how goofy and free spirited it was. Everything's gay nowadays. It was weird to see the characters drawn like this.

I mean, we're so used to seeing the sprite versions. This wasn't your best, but was still tons of fun. It was kind of weird to see the big boobed woman with that face. It's just so unsettling. This is a great song too.

That may have been the single most accurate depiction of Manfred von Karma that I have ever seen.

Phoenix and Maya seem to be having a good time! XD I also love the role that Edgeworth plays in the dance party XD

I just started playing the pheonix wright games and i must say, i didn't expect to be as hooked into them as i am. I love all the characters and this video fits the world of pheonix wright well