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Oct 4, 2007 | 11:07 PM EDT

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Sadly, this will never be finished. My flash cs3 trial expired. It is a shame.

If anyone really enjoyed this, and has any flash making program they are willing to spare, i would really like to pursue flash animation as my pasttime. Please PM me.

I was planning an entire series of music videos following the lives of a few people after a post apocalyptic event described below:

//DeveveoAmor (//Sacrafice of Love)

Deep Space Explorer T3, nicknamed D-SET3, the biggest and most highly technological of its kind, was sent on a twelve year mission to a rogue planet and back, whose odd orbit would bring it in range of our galaxy. The planet was deemed once suitable for life, and D-SET3 would search for any fossils, any records, or any traces of life. Five years later, far ahead of schedule, D-SET3 made its way to the planet, but, before the champagne bottles could be opened for touchdown, the communications were fried and the project was scrapped as a failure.

The brave one hundred and thirty astronauts who gave their lives for this mission were mourned and soon forgotten. Seven years later, in one of the most shocked and celebrated moments of space exploration history, D-SET3 was spotted amidst the stars, and its course would bring it to the orbiting docking station within three months. The communications were still down, but, somehow, the ship had managed to make its way back to earth.

A celebration was thrown on the three days before its arrival, scientists awaited the information that the ship had gathered, families awaited to see their sons and daughters. And, on the day that was to be the planet's best, something went terribly wrong.

Deep Space Explorer T3 did not slow down to dock, it crashed straight into and straight through the orbiting docking station. On that day, the shattered fragments of D-SET3 rained down from the heavens, killing a little over one fourth of the entire population of the planet. Entire civilizations were massacred, cities were crushed, forests burned, the world mourned, on the bloody day, deemed the Apocalypse. Yet, the worst was still to come.

The ship had brought a disease, an alien virus, and the transmitted itself quickly from man to man. The virus gave inhuman strength and speed, but slowly took over the mind. It mutated the hosts into creatures that were known by man as "the Shadows" or "the Undying." The survivors, the uninfected, fled to the only place they could, to space.

Would you sacrifice everything for the one you love?

Would you give them your word?
-your time?
-your life?

Leave a review of what you think and include whether or not you would like to see the continuation of this story!!! I promise to respond to each and every review individually.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

hmmmm... potential, yes.

the style is definately eye popping, fast paced with alot of emotion thrown in, which all fits well with the background music. Frame by frame is never easy, but its what made this flash seem so fluent in nature. The only "problem", would be that it doesnt quite have the detail in it, i see what your going for art-wise, but i think that it would be better if you either went with something more simple, or totally go deep into the detail with the art style you've already used here. Regardless on whether you change anything at all with your style, i would find it nice to continue going farther into this story you've come up with.

Basically what im saying is, get that dam flash program. Like i said, as long as you keep up with it and never stop, you will not only entertain so many people, but get even better in the process. And when i say better, i mean specifically in the art department (and maybe a bit smoother movement..)

And by the way, im critiquing this professionally, so im sorry if any of this advice offends you. bottom line though, get the program, and keep going with it.




Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh wow

Oh wow man....This is...very very very nice. I likey. Kind of lackluster in the very beginning.,..but after, great use of filters btw. I hope to be near this level soon...just started animating, and I wanna be just wiiike yuuu! *ahem* 5/5*, 10/10 because of the well done drama.

Perriwinkle responds:

Lol. Skill + Effort + Time = Greatness. I learned that if you bust your ass in one of them (time) then you can lack in another (skill). I should quote that :D



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's okay

You should definitely consider buying flash. The Frame by frame of the eye looked neat but it seemed like this animation was lacking. I highly suggest you go and read up on some tutorials if you plan on making more flash. You chose a good dramatic background music type song.

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Perriwinkle responds:

I did read up on all of the tutorials available, and i actually bought a book on flash animation. There is no courses on flash animation in my school, so everything will be basically self taught.

I will improve as time goes on. In reality, i do not plan on improving this flash, only adding to it. It would be nice to have a record of my progress as a flash author.

Thank you for the review.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


You're definately cut out to animate. With a little practice, you'll be really good. I hope you get flash soon, man. Peace.

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Perriwinkle responds:

I did get flash and i will continue to make this flash.

Thank you for your review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

A shame...

that your flash thing expired, since this seemed like a really interesting series, and considering I havent gotten far in my own... lol, quite an achievement in just 30 days!

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Perriwinkle responds:

Yeah i know. I really rushed the last two scenes.

I would like to see your series.

Thank you for the review.