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KK NES Vol 04 R.K. Ransom

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Not too long ago, the Kitty Krew found a time machine. In an effort to spam the world in those pre-internet days, the KK sent their worst, most annoying and drunkest flash artists to work for video game companies and sabotage nintendo by changing the games to suit the KK style.

Volume Four: River Kitty Ransom

This is what the classic N.E.S. game River City Ransom Would look like if the Kitty Krew would have made it.

Enjoy, and remember: Join us or die.

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Much better...

...Then the previous two. This one actually brought out a chuckle and made me smile. It also actually made sense for once...

The plot was pretty predictable, but it was still averagely funny. As usual, you could have expanded the storyline much more, and a longer movie would have resulted in a better plot.

Layout and audio were as usual great and pretty realistic.

=Review Request Club=

PantyWipe responds:

Glad you liked it!

Review Request Club

Markedly better than the last two flashes. I actually laughed at this one! xD

The storyline felt a little more fleshed out, there was more of a sense of development in this one, whereas some of the other ones just felt like a totally random addition to a game without much time to explore it completely. It could still do with being longer!

I think the phrase "Keep going in this direction" may be one applicable throughout this flash. The animation, while choppy, is better. The storyline, while still a little sparse, is better than the previous flashes I've seen. Keep going in this direction, and there's a definite potential for some massive and tangible improvements. If in the next one the storyline was longer and had more depth, and the animation had a little more tweening to it, it'd be pretty damn awesome. I think you've gotten in the right direction with this one, it's just a case of staying the course as you continue on.

-Review Request Club

PantyWipe responds:

This is prolly the best review I've gotten for a flash! It's typically either lip service from other KK kitties, or "FUKK UFAGGET Y0U SUXORZ!!!!!111111ONEoneuno" from 12 year old NG'ers. I am very happy I asked the RRC for reviews, you guys kick MAJOR ASS.

Pretty well made!

I liked the animation, man, I think it was really nice, congratulations, the animation was pretty well made, I like the little wet cat face, I think it's pretty funny...

The names you make are really nice, I liked how you found a way to put a K in the name of the flash, it was pretty ''kreative'', and, by the way, your flashes are pretty cool, nice jokes, but the best was the quality, it's not something like a RickRoll thing, where you're watching something and then the wet cat face appears in the screen, that was nice, since KK is just a spam crew...

I really liked your three requested animations, they're all pretty nice, the bad thing is that you could made some other jokes, and the lenght was pretty short. Make more nice thing, man, and remember, use your creativity!!
(Review Request Club)

PantyWipe responds:

I am happy that the review request club understands that these are SPAM movies. I mean, I wanted it to be spam, but better quality spam than most spam... You know? Thank you for the kind words, I sincerely appreciate yer review.

Don't think I ever played this

The game looks familiar, but I don't think I have ever played it. But I guess I'll have to take a look a it, it looks interesting. ^^

I like what you did here, the ending was really unexpected and it gave me a good laugh.
Maybe the flash could have been a bit longer. You could have thrown in a longer fight after the character turns into Pico. Maybe show Pico with a submachine gun shooting the Kitty or something.

{ Review Request Club }

PantyWipe responds:

*GASP!* ...BLASPHEMY!!! I'd NEVER have Pico kill the Kitty!