Turtle Park Massacre

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This animation is about a turtle named Jimmy Vegas who loses control, after someone eats his lunch.

The story is fairly loose and ridiculous but it's all just a bit of fun really.

aftiel from the forum did all the voice acting/narration.

I spent a long time making this and it's great to finally get it done, this is my first actual 'animation'.

I love reading/replying to comments, it really makes it all worthwhile.
Anyway, enjoy!

NOTE: If you're using an older PC you might have to set the quality lower if you are getting lag.

EDIT: " I've uploaded a new version frame rate is increased from 20 to 25, hope it's better now. (I'm sorry I didn't notice this before, I feel like an idiot.)"

EDIT 2: Thanks for all the reviews guys, I'm enjoying reading them all and I'm taking the feedback into consideration.



animation is good and so is the storyline but some things are screwy

metallica41 responds:

Most people think the story is no good, but anyway.

Thanks for the review.

I was expecting

way more death and chaos for a massacre. But meh, im not gonna bitch about how it wasn't so =p

Animation seems smooth, it is your first animation anyway. The story does move a bit slow, not unbareably slow, but it would be nice if it picked up a little faster. Most of us peope are use to instant gratification and get a little impatiant. Haha, well anyway, it was ammusing to watch. The voice acting was great and i like the mood you set with the music. Well drawn characters as well.

Some suggestions if you choose to work on it more. The only real thing that bothered me was that the turtles lacked facial expressions. The guy being beat down with the bat was stuck in a kind of lazy smile. The kid showed better expression. I dunno, but when someone is getting killed, i figure thier face would be twisting in pain. But im no animator, perhaps im asking to much from your first animation flash to have facial expressions. I know animating faces is very hard. But it would be a nice touch if you could.

For your fist flash, i think it came out well. Room for improvement but duh, your first time, your just gonna get better.

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metallica41 responds:

I enjoyed reading your review, very informative and contstructive. Good advice.

Thanks alot mate.

Slow as the turtles it was based on.

I really enjoyed the voice acting, went a long way towards the quality. The animation looked nice and sharp, but it was just so slow in everthing that happened. I personally didn't feel the turtles personality as to why this went down was set up very well. We all know and love banana phone, but huh?

Apart from this though, couple of tips that might make it nicer detail wise. Fuel ignites from vapours, so boom should have happened within the air above the spilt fuel. When the bullet casings hit the puddle of water, a simple amount of steam would have been a nice touch.

I want to rate it higher, but the pace needs to be picked up. I hope this aids you in that quest.

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metallica41 responds:

Yeah, I get what you mean, the bannanaphone thing was to do with after you hear it alot it drives you crazy (therefore leading to Jimmy killing him).

I wasn't trying to make it 'realistic' tho, but your tips are good, I'll remember for the future.

Thanks for the review.

bloody but boring

and the animations ...to slow !

there was no action !

metallica41 responds:

Ok, don't quite understand what you mean by no action.

Thanks anyway.

Cool movie

I like the violence. I thought all the animation was good cept the kid and the ball. Good job mate.

metallica41 responds:

Alright, glad you liked it, thanks mate.

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3.08 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2007
11:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Original