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Highscores is finally working, it was some kind of error on that made it request the wrong url or something. Thanks to Gabs at Armorbot for fixing this :)

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I actually started working on this game yesterday, then I remembered the flash contest that MaxGames is hosting and I put a lot of effort into being able to submit it today so that I would be eligible for the September bonues :) I doubted that I would make it, but here I am at 2am (local time), worrying about how tired I'm gonna be at school tomorrow, but I'm also submitting this game!

It's nothing that big, or serious, but I hope you will enjoy it anyways :)

Instructions are in the game.

FWR (Frequently Written in Reviews)

-"Boring, you should add this, that etc."
-I originally had a lot of ideas to make the game more varying, I had to skip most of them though in order to be finished in time for the contest. Come with suggestions if you like though as I might use them for a sequel.

-The lack of time until the end of the contest forced me to submit it even though there were bugs, I think they are all gone by now though.

[Tags: Orb, Mania, Puzzle, DreamworX, knugen]

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Marvellous and stunning!

I enjoyed this game A LOT! I was stunned by how much I was entertained! I recommend this game for EVERYONE!

Not bad of an idea but needs work.javascript:submi

For a second, I thought this was a match-3 game, but I was wrong on that.

When I first started, the big orb was green, yet the small ring around it, had no green orbs on it, thus, I sat there the whole time and time ran out. It's like starting a game of bejeweled only for the game to go 'no more moves' and game over.

While the shuffle feature is nice, for this type of game, there should always be a match move available.


if i start a new game while the sound is dimming, the volume stays at what it currently is.


knugen responds:

Thanks for the bug report! I actually already knew of this bug though, but I figured since not many people play this game anymore I should rather use my time for new projects than to fix minor bugs on this :)

Cool game

Be sure to use my music again if you make a sequel!

knugen responds:

I can't make any promises, but I'll make sure to look into your other songs if I do make one ;D

A bit.. Buggy

The ball in the middle should change colours at set intervals.
Higher difficulty should make this change more often

knugen responds:

I actually didn't think of that, that will definitely be in the sequel of I make one. Thanks :)

(What was buggy? Please PM me and will take a look into how I can improve it)

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3.69 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2007
8:14 PM EDT
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