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Swarm Space Combat

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Author Comments

Fight through waves of enemy fighters in this top-view space combat game.

You pilot the Queenship, a vehicle with no offensive capabilities. In order to attack, you lightning-rope turret bearing drones to yourself, using their weapons for your own means.

You can tune and customize your ship at the end of each wave, and battle for top-score glory when the game ends!

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wow no new comments

good game i think, though i dont like the way the turrets are, even on tight they swing a lot, id rather fixed turrets

could use an upgrade

ok, so everything CObra said, and also,
I noticed you can see the health of your drones, why not the health of your enemy too?

VoidSkipper responds:

I know I had a reason for not including that while I was writing the game, but it eludes me now.

nice game

a few things i liked
-you can upgrade but also deupgrade
-original idea
-nice gameplay

a few things i didn't
-the cursor that shows in what direction you are flying disappears when you point at an enemy, put that layer higher so you can still see where you are going when targetting.
-the enemy always tries to fire at your queenship, because your queenship is faster then the turrets, your trail of turrets will take all the hits.
-maybe some more diffrent enemys and turrets?

VoidSkipper responds:

Thankyou for the comments (:

I'm surprised I didn't notice the cursor doing that.. I could've sworn I fixed that a long time ago.

That's a feature, not a bug :P Set your mode to tight if you're having trouble keeping them out of trouble.

Yeah, I explained why that didn't happen in a previous comment.

Great game

This game has a pretty original idea, and it's got great gameplay. But a few things i found were a bit annoying were that the enemy missles are capable of taking out most or all your gun drones in 2 shots. I mean they take them ALL out, so basically you're left with nothing. Then once you pick up a new gun drone, the enemies will aim for your newly fonud drone, so you're left with firing one shot per drone pickup. Perhaps increase HP of drones, or give the enemies lasers instead of hugeass nukes? D: You could also incorporate different types of enemies (Or at least earlier in the game), and a wide variety of drones.

Those are all suggestions and stuff, the game itself is pretty well done already though. ;D

VoidSkipper responds:

The engine that this game is based on was not terribly elegant, and I found recoding it to add in more drones and the such would've extended the release date far too much to make it worthwhile. Plus I draw /really/ slowly xD

I do understand what you're saying.. once again, my beta testers found it too easy when I made such adjustments. Maybe I need to find less talented beta testers >___<

Thanks for all the compliments (:

Really Good

I thought the game was fine, The loading screen was very creative. i didnt like the fact you advertised jamster ringtones on it though. But all in the all the game was ace . Will you be working on any other projects ?

VoidSkipper responds:

Thankyou very much.

Regarding the advertising - I have to make money some way. I was hoping to get this game sponsored by a proper flash game website, but the companies weren't terribly cooperative. I ended up going with MochiAds, and I can't control what organizations advertise through them, and in turn on my game.

I am already working on several more projects - I completed this game in July, in fact - that's how long I was trying to sort out sponsorship for -.-'

Bit of a hint, my upcoming games involve ragdoll physics :P

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2007
5:53 AM EDT