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Pedo Bear Catch

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The Pedo Bear meme just came up again. Many people use them as avatars or make funny pictures. But did anyone think about a game? Not really, until now...

Help Pedo Bear by catching children and selling them for good prices!

Ok, this game is nothings special, but if you challenge someone, this might be fun.Okok, it's boring, but hey, did you ever make a flash game when it was 3 am and you didn't sleep for 2 days? =)

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Heh, this has to be the most twisted game on newgrounds! The graphics may not be violent or obscene, but the idea of Pedobear catching babies is just... awesome. It's a smooth game too, though the babies fall hellishly slow, maybe speed it up a bit? Keep it going!


Game Sux Crappy animation nothing to do with the money and there isnt even like diffrent stages

I hate pedo bear.


I think it's fun but you need to speed up the kids a little faster. It only starts getting challenging around 70+ bucks.

nice make the kids go faster

the guy below me is a great nurd