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D4ilytoon # 366

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Here's another dailytoon for you guys to VOTE ON WITHOUT WATCHING so it'll get a 3 point something without being noticed at all.
Yeah thanks, assholes.

The theme is VOTING WITHOUT WATCHING like you people love to do!
Be sure to VOTE WITHOUT WATCHING ok kids!

Menu music by the Melvins. If you don't know who the Melvins are then you are probably SOMEONE WHO VOTES WITHOUT WATCHING.

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Gosh I really love these older ones they sure do give me a few chuckles here with this one some great clips here and some nice artwork aswell very entertaining as always onlything I would change up would be to ad more clips here on this one anyways fantastic job.

ad more clips


sweet delicious randomness

my favorite melvins song too

hmm.. agh-ha!

well, this made me realize how much of an ass i really am. but I was jammin to tha "spicish" music, i just can't help it being born a "spic" myself! idc what anyone else says, but i really liked this one.. and a few more thingz, I do my best to rate and comment as nicely or as righteous as i can. It's hard to live by honour and be evil ya kno.. but i NEVER rate/vote without viewing, that's sooo dikkface-like.
I like-ah dis one! ;P

TheStarSyndicate responds:

aww u are a nice lil spic :') thank u budy

A Remainder to All Users to Vote Before Watching.

Before this site got its "fast" and "cleancut" redesign, the voting board was edited to not activate until the user watched the movie. Now that the site has been redesigned to be "metallic and stylish", the voting board is back to its unedited state allowing stat hungry users to "vote without watching the movie", which defeats the purpose of voting in itself. Which is a sad thing to bear. Mad Mardigan's movie makes it clear by submiting a "stick and still" picture, which illustrates the flushable kiddie still movies that will pass thanks to users who do not watch the movies. Adam Ant's deliberately racist piece is an example of how "whistle fodder" entries have a chance now that NG caters to the stat hungry. Orangebeef once again gives us a shameless but stylish trippy self promoting sequence, and Antoner gives us a gay bear dancing to the classic, constantly remixed technopiece, "popcorn" in a background sure to cause epilepsy. I found this entry to be funny in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

TheStarSyndicate responds:

at least someone who isnt in the ss got the joke


not being a wise guy or anything, but just don't call them Dailytoons and i bet more people will watch them. People just see that and say "another free protection point".

TheStarSyndicate responds:


we'll experiment with different naming strategies some time in the near future... its a shame the KK ruined the whole "hentai tit XXX lesbo faggot shit" naming strategy that always used to work so well