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Nudge War Episode #4

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Author Comments

Nudge Man gets angry And hurts serious face
Both Smilies Beat Down A person
full title is Project Freetown : Metropolis Circuit

the descriptions in the beginning are designed to occupy your time while it loads, the reason why this cartoon doesn't touch on the story is because i didnt' want to yet. i just thought some background info might interest people, not make them upset. please try to enjoy this for what it is.

i've never spent more time and effort on a flash than this one. i really hope you enjoy the first flash that introduces my series and universe Project Freetown.

Two of the main characters here, Violet and Ravi, race across the North district of the city of Freetown, on a planet much the same but also different than ours. You can read more inside the flash cartoon.

i hope you enjoy this piece, and look forward to more in the series. i have already started the next one.

if you'd like to see a version with higher quality audio, there are ones at my website which you can get to from the cartoon or the link underneath my name and profile.

Well hello Newgrounders, long time, no see. If you've wondered where I've been all this time, well, school has been sucking up my soul. I apologize for neglecting NG all this time. it feels like forever since I submitted something. This is actually my first flash submitted since I got Flash 8.

Anyways, this is an animation I made during the last semester of school at IUPUI. I originally made it for my school's biannual VisionFest contest that was being held August 16-18th of this year. Buuuut...ultimately I got beat out by an animation about bird calls. T'was a shame.

What inspired me to make this flash was actually the music, Kismet by Bond. As I was listening to it one day, I was suddenly overcome by this storyline that was going through my head as the music was playing. Kinda like watching a Fantasia short. I knew what I had to do... I have to admit, this didn't turn out as majestic as I imagined it, but I guess I'm still somewhat novice in animation. Also, some of the scenes lag a little, I'm sorry.

To get this done in time for the deadline, I acquired help from a fellow Newgrounds artist, Zombie-Pimp. He did a lot of the backgrounds and a few of the background people, he was a huge help, I dunno if I would of been able to finish before the deadline without him. Thanks, Man.

I also gotta give a big shout-out to Tom Fulp for everything (Newgrounds, increase of size limit, sponsorship), you're just...awesome. Thanks.

This flash takes place in a world after post-nuclear fallout has turned Earth into a desert planet. As a result, society is shaped accordingly and is thrown into an era resembling an Arabian setting.

Well, I'm sure you're all bored of reading all this, so go ahead and start the movie. And as always, ENJOY!


P.S. (8/21/07) I've been reading each review intensely. Each of your (fellow Newgrounders) reviews make me feel better about the past few days. I've been able to dust myself off quickly and realize that I've been able to entertain a lot of people. In a way, (I still miss that scholarship) I'm glad I lost in the VisionFest, because now I realize that I always have a place of retreat or a home here at Newgrounds and that it will never turn me away or let me down. (I know...sappy. But I had to say it) Thank you all for the awesome reviews, and Thank you Newgrounds!

P.P.S. (8/23/07) A lot of users have been asking me how long this took to make. I'm gonna post the answer on here because I'm sure a lot of you are wondering. I started actual production in the middle of March (2007) and was able to finish barely before the contest submission deadline on June 1st (2007). But that whole last month of May...whew...I was pulling off up to 38 hour shifts at a time just to get this done. I was in constant panic mode pretty much. I HOPE I never have to go through something like that again, I can't imagine what kinda unhealthy side effects could result from it. Cappuccino helped t

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i looked at the authurs comment

still didnt get it. it sucked 0


I hope others can appreciate this kind of humour as much as I do. People who "don't get it" should take a closer look at the "Author Comments" =)

Personally, I thought the animation quality and storytelling was superb - just when I though it was winding down - BAM! Another nudge! The story was quite in-depth though, I should have maybe watched the previous three episodes first.

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2007
2:59 PM EDT