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Emogotchi v2.0

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Version 2.0 of Emogotchi, you'll never have seen Version 1 unless you're a member of dA, it wasn't much to see though, pretty much just a series of animations accessible by clicking buttons. Now v2.0...it has a little more substance.

Game Play Advice:

I find the most fun way to play is to beat and neglect your Emo to its extremes, then sit back and watch the satisfying results.


Wow, front page featured, well if that isn't a dream come true, thank you to everyone who commented and voted giving me a good score, it really is appriciated. To all you Emo lovers/sympathisers - It makes me so happy to see you angry :)

LISTEN: To all you complaining that the song (Atreyu - Bleeding Mascara) is "metal" and not "emo", you've got your 'point' across. I am fully aware of musical genres, however, the annoying, skinny-jean-wearing, trying-to-be-orginal-but-
actually-not scene kids who are considered Emo around where I live, listen to screamo and death metal bands much like that, and if the song continued you'd hear the whiney lead singer begin to moan about "how pretty she is when she's bleeding mascara", which seems pretty emotional to me. Alright?

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I find it very confusing, and a bit basic, but it was fun...
...for about 5 seconds for me

Decent game

So this was pretty decent of a game I like the idea you have on this one and has some really nice effects the music was cool and you even won an award on this so that was kind of cool so there was some good positives about this game and have no negitive to point out


There was a glitch in this. The sounds from the previous parts kept repeating. The sound was off. Still, this was a pretty good game. It actually did show you how to care for your emo. You didn't just outright kill it.

It didn't need color. Emos don't want that! It was fun for a quick play. There could have been more ways to hurt it. The music is good too.

All those emos and scene idiots back in 02~07 are pretty normal compared to a lot of kids and their stupid groups these days.. I remember walking through the mall to get to gamestop and seeing like neon rainbow ass tails on some emo kids walking out of the hot topic nearby. Crazy shit.

Dude... You really hate kids that are Emo, don't you?
And seriously... Spit on it? What, are you nuts?

Great game anyway.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2007
12:36 PM EDT

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