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The Portal part 1

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Author Comments

The Portal Part 1:
ok, some of u think that im whining here. the truth is that EVERYONE would be much better if we didnt have to fight, and could actually ENJOY other's movie.After the holiday season, i got my tally's done:
3 viruses
16 hate mails
27 instant messages
18/27 hate instant messages
0 nice email
0 happy b-day/xmas from a non-clock

Now i know clocks shouldnt mind low scores, and i dont. but look at that. i got some people threatening my family, some threatening me, and some threatening my loved ones. Now, being human, thats scary. You people know who you are, and i've done what i've done from preventing more. i really tried to stay optomistic about all this, but when the viruses got here, that triggered me. So this is all about that stuff. i kinda spoiled it right there, but big whoop. sue me.
THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL PIECE TO ME! i made it hoping to at least make some peace with people.

to ki1o. before doin ur "Thanks for voting" thing, plz, reconsider. i have nothin against, you. what u got against me. im only 14, plz, im going through enough as it is. I got friend problems all the time, my dad seems to hate me and expects me to get straight A's. god dammit, i dont care if u think im a baby, then screw you. i see where ur gettin that from. but know this...im now leadin a war against hate on newgrounds.

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Mountain Dew...

You are right, the clocks are not bad, but some are not good. Only that stupid noob just wanted to load of shit newgrounds like strawberryClock, that all the clock are bad. A lot of clock are good, some excellent, and you are one of them.

Kilo, if you see this review, just understand that you are a moron with a stereotip, the stereotip that all the clock are gay, useless and dumb. Just realise that not all the clock are gay. So just stop, be neutral, ban the bad clock and save the good one, THAT THE LIFE! SO STOP ACTING LIKE A MORON! Mountain Dew, you have my respect. Oh and, Happy Birthday and Happy X-Mas :D, its maybe late or too soon, but its the minimum that i can do 4 u...

Who is this Kilo I keep hearing about?

Against your FAMILY??? What kinda faggot spends his time writing hate male against a cartoon about cartoon characters with clocks for faces, isn't that the stupidest thing you can argue about.

You now take the place of the guy who caught the Cubs ball as the guy who shouldn't have gotten threatning mail the most.

happy fugluckin b-day then

thats 1 day your closer to death!
Lets all hop up and down HOORAY!
if i had a present for everyone on thier closer to death day id give em one, but i dont have!
Hey ill be another year closer in jan! :)

that flash was kinda funny with the dramatic music and text but.. thats all it was :(

and who says we have one life? i KNOW ive stolen at least 3 for me next time.


You tell em mountain dew its time to take a stand!! newgrounders unite

Whats wrong with people??

Jeesh!! all that just because your name ends with clock.. jeesh, some people are just dumbasses

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Dec 26, 2001
4:38 AM EST