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Alkie Kong 2

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Rick Rolled 5 Points

View the entire end-game movie.

Six Pack 5 Points

Find 6 bottles.

Worship the Mighty 5 Points

View the high scores.

Great Listener 10 Points

Do not skip any of Max's speeches.

Beerbot Smash 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 15.

Boxed Up 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 12.

Code Breaker 25 Points

Enter the super secret level code.

Great Defender 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 3.

Half Case 25 Points

Find 12 Bottles.

Switch Off 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 9.

Vertigo 25 Points

Beat Alkie Kong without taking damage on Stage 6.

Bat Crazy 50 Points

Beat the game on any mode without hurting any bats.

Full Case 50 Points

Find 24 bottles.

Olympian 50 Points

Beat the game without dying on normal mode.

Survivalist 50 Points

Beat the game without dying on easy mode.

Drunken Deity 100 Points

Beat the game without dying on brutal mode.

Author Comments

March 5, 2009 -- WE ADDED MEDALS OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Altrio just can't get a break. On his first day of work at the Brew-Co Brewery, Alkie Kong shows up to cause trouble.

Oh that Alkie Kong, what won't he do?

This platformer game should get your brains going since you have to solve puzzles to progress, with plenty of boss fights to keep you on your toes.


The art style is based on some comics ShitOnAStick did way back yonder... AND I JUST WENT AND STOLE IT MWAAAAAAAA HAHAHAHA

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Whew. It took me 13 years, but I finally beat it!!
After Tom mentioned it in one of the recent 'Showcased Flash without Flash' posts I came back and at last got it done! So here's an old fashioned review.

This was a fun one to return to, mechanics are easy to get into and it's neat how they lend to the mix of action and puzzle. Enemies made it a lot harder than I expected though, some had to be avoided with reaaally thight jumps and there's little invincibility frames after a hit.

Music is great! the main theme is one of the things that kept going on the last levels.

Level variety was fun, especially with the frequent boss fights. level 14 was the hardest but I liked how it had a fun progression as you go up.

Quite satisfying to finally beat this one, really makes you appreciate the capabilities of Flash.
Also, that joke at the end, really takes me back to an earlier internet.

13 years late, but good stuff!
(makes me wonder if an Alkie Kong 3 was ever considered)

PsychoGoldfish responds:

I had some big plans for Allie Kong 3 that will probably never happen.

It would have been a similar platform/puzzle game in more of a drunk Willy Wonka setting. Alkie Kong, Altrio and a few others would be playable characters you could switch between, with a new antagonist.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll find a talented artist, with a quirky/whimsical style, who wants to see a third game bad enough to make it happen.

i played this game much on a site named www.speeleiland.nl Good work

Not bad, but REALLY hard.

Wow. Just wow. This was absurdly hard. For those trying to achieve the last medal, you can't do it without the youtube walkthrough. Well.... you can but will be really painful.

AS a whole game, it is too hard, it gave me a bad time. Only "fun" on normal and easy modes. Other than that, for a 10 year old flash, it's good. Only flaws are the respawning bats (a flawed mechanic that adds a lot of difficulty that isn't needed, as killing them can harm the player as they reappear without notice and sometimes at a different height.

Other minus is the ending - not the rickroll part, but the protagonist shown as a greedy soab - stealing the recipe book. man, he's a hard working individual, he would NOT do that, even more after all he just DID! That was a tragic break of character, and a really bad move.

My "method" was a bit different but a sure-fire way to complete the whole game without dying.

1- Open the game on multiple tabs, as much as you can without lagging.
2- Start a game in every tab.
3- Complete the 1st level on EACH tab (preferably as the walkthrough dictates)
4- Keep the pace (1 level each time, each tab).
(spoilers ahead)
5- When you die at a certain level, or get hit at an easy level, close that tab and go to the next trying to do differently - Short memory is reliable, if you restarted the game, you could forgotten your mistake.
6- Keep on until you finish. In the end, your game will be much longer, but you'll have a greater chance at achieving one of the hardest medals ever on NG.


2 valuable tips

Level 14 is easier if you use the KEY as a "step" to avoid barrels, climbing on it when they come down.

Level 15 (final battle) is much easier if you make a small ladder of boxes on one of the upper platforms sides, in a way that falling boxes pile up on them. They'll keep piling up and you can get high enough to throw boxes on robots head but be careful because enemies can drop from it too.

Man, this game is cool.

Good graphics, perfect gameplay, awesome music and sounds, but is so hard to get the last 3 medals. (One day, who knows, i come back to try get them).

Good job man!! =]