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Take a journey with us as we uncover what really goes on in the Hundred Acre Woods with Winnie the Pooh and the gang.

Warning, contains animated humping and feathered obscenities.

This is a complete remaster of the original Honey Smack. Each frame has been fully animated, each character has been polished, each bit has been recompressed, and each narrated word is spoken more clearly.

Also, for Newgrounds, I just want to give a personal thanks to the site and everyone who has inspired me as an artist over the last 7 years of being here. I've met a lot of interesting people over the years, and even though I fell out for a while, I'm hoping to get back in and meet some new great artists, musicians, and game developers.

UPDATE: We just want to personally thank everyone who has watched our movie, voted, and left comments over the last few days. We're glad we could put out something you guys enjoy and your responses really motivate us to finish our next two projects. Also, a huge ups to Tom Fulp and the staff of Newgrounds for streamlining the portal into a great user experience. Last but not least, we'd like to give another personal thanks to whomever put us on the front page.


So True

Pretty funny,they should do one bout sesame street cause the place is fucked up

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TXMStudios responds:

There are already lots of good Sesame Street parodies out there, even on NG. You should browse for them, they are rather good. Thanks.

it was very funny

but you forgot to explain tigger

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TXMStudios responds:

He doesn't need explaining, he's too pure.


with the a** f*cking scene and the "no trousers" scene.
hes a f*cking teddy bear for kids in the old of 1-6, or for me(i still have my 2 Winni Pooh Teddy Bears!!!!111), he dont have a p*nis, or an a**hole...
i dont remember that Christoper(i hope this is the name of the lonly gay boy) ever f*cked Winni into the a**, but o.k. if you saw it, than it should be o.k.

i never saw sociality problems that were winni pooh's fault.
I just saw some that were caused by the inbreed-f*ck teletubbies (i read one time in a newspaper that one kid in germany almost killed himself, after he saw a episode of them, because he got scared.)

to the movie, it looked nice, and hell, it was funny XDDD. i dont get the idea why winni pooh has a remote for killing birds, but o.k.
the only thing that pissed me off was the fact, that the subtitles are so small.
sometimes i have very big problems understanding spoken english, and subtitles are very nice to have, but if the subtitles are so small, i cant watch both : Subtitles and the movie.

well, mFg

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TXMStudios responds:

Hmm. Well, he doesn't technically need a penis to be a catcher and I'm sure Christopher Robin's mom could have sewn Pooh a new hole or two.

Hey... Uhm...

So I'm kinda curious, whatcha gonna respond to my review?

I grew up with Winnie, reading the stories thatis.. although in Denmark we call him Peter Plys. "Plys" is the fabric most toy-bears are made of, dunno the english word for it.

Anyways, I don't feel that my upbringing was in any way affected by the characters, or at least, affected in a bad way. I'm sure that the stories helped me build up my vocabulary, gave me the ability to distinguish reality from fiction as well as entertain me. I feel that your cartoon despotizes the characters that I've grown to love so much over the past years.

It IS funny, though...

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TXMStudios responds:

I think we all grew up watching Winnie the Pooh and aren't any worse off for it. We've been able to maintain steady jobs and have girlfriends and help out in charity events. It's interesting how cartoons seem to fluctuate in how much they try and teach kids. For a while in the 90s it was all about the environment, then cartoons stopped trying to teach any real lessons, and now they are all hopped up with life lessons and education.


Man, that was crazy shit! But, why had Winnie Puh buttsex with children?

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TXMStudios responds:

So we could animating boys humping bears!

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4.08 / 5.00

Sep 8, 2007
5:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody