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Part 2 is already uploaded.. You can find it in NG. Enjoy :)

Note: It would be better if you have some background about Stick Slayer and Xiao Xiao... If you haven't seen those movies, you might not understand this one at all. So.. go watch those movies in NG... they are great.


well at list its beter than the other one

i gave u 5 for the good parts the other FOR SUCKING IT UP U STILL LIKE MESSING WITH UP WITH XIAO XIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In case you haven't noticed, this was made 7 years ago. You can't blame the guy today for the bad animation 7 years ago (I think he's gone now). Anyways, an answer to your suggestions:

1. Did you noticed the 'to be continued'?
2. It DID looked real.... 7 years ago. Maybe you're just used to the animations today, making you not notice the hardwork he did for actually making it close to real using Paint (can you do that? I can't, but can you?)
3. *GASP* You're right!!! He DOES need his own background! Too bad he putted up the sign 'XiaoXiao 3' on top of the studio. (in case you didn't get this, it was sarcasm)
4. Okay, maybe he does need some moves, although with the pencil eraser-sword. you can expect some sword-like moves^^
5. Uhh... 7 years ago, this kind of animation was hot (for me, it still is)
6. Hahaha. Usually people got angry at the stickslayer for being a stickslaying jerk. I don't think there's anything wrong with his personality right now.

So that's it. Anyways, I'd like to give this a 10. You deserve it man (are you even still alive?!?!?)

well that sucked :(

that is pretty bad... you also cant seem to make your own animation. sure you made it SLIGHTLY different but its the same scene, same premise, just as terrible animating of stick slayer. your one to talk as well because your using anime which is the worst animation of all time. its unrealistic the characters are ugly and its such a rip. in short: horrible flash....
i will admit the stick dancing was cool =D
1.make it longer
2.spend more time making the animation look real
3.make your own damn background
4.make stick slayer not be some dumb big guy with no fighting skills other than blind punches and throwing objects like a baby
5.spend more time on making the animation not look horrible
6.dont make stick slayer look like the retard he is (you made him look like some jerk which so far is what he seems to be)

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youre painting stick slayer better than ben


better than the last ne i'd seen

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Dec 24, 2001
7:04 PM EST