Everything You Know Is Wrong

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This is a video I made for Weird Al's Everything You Know Is Wrong!

For those of you who may have seen my Albuquerque video, keep in mind that this one is quite a bit shorter, but I still consider it better than any of my previous works.

I don't really have anything else to put here, so I'll just leave with an "I hope you enjoy!"

Oh yeah um small epilepsy warning just fyi

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Cute and fresh

So this was a cute and fresh "ANIMATION" the music was fitting and a funny tune, the view points of the art and animation was pretty decent, love all the color and different scenes, really not much to improve on this piece as its more like a "VIDEO" so no changes needed on this one.

No changes needed on this video


I used to think this song was super intellectual. Though it never sat with me right that the 2nd verse was clearly the best, and it should have each verse be a buildup, more extreme than the last, more clever than the last. But now I think the whole song is rather pathetic. There ARE some things you can know. And that's why science works. To say everything you know is wrong, to NEVER accept anything as the correct answer, both for the scientific answers to basic questions about the universe and for moral relativism, to just sit there and throw your hands in the air and say you can't really know anything, is to always give the bad ideas a key to replacing the good ones, to put the ideas that are known to be bad on equal footing with the good ones, to say they're all equally valid. And that's not an intellectual or enlightened position. That's BS. Some ideas ARE superior to others. I'm sure the floating disembodied head of Colonel Sanders would agree with me, if it wasn't busy haunting empty pizza boxes. Probably from pizza hut. Yuk brands.

But this is the best animation I ever saw of it. I remember seeing it on albinoblacksheep in 2009. I had seen another one earlier on youtube that wasn't as good. This flash artist didn't make the song so he doesn't lose rating points for the song's drawbacks and it's a good candidate to be fun to animate I'm sure, and he animated it about as well as it could be animated, true to the meaning and intent of the song, flawed as that may be.

To tell you the truth. I always wanted to watch this. When I first heard this, I remember trying to think of what this would look like. And it was a little more dark, when what you just gave, was a more playful show. Seriously YEARS growing up and then finally watching. When I thought I would have too bring out my crazy too make it. Thank you for taking the time and letting the sanity go a little too bring this out. It was nice too watch finally watch.


It's animated awesomely next to an awesome song! I wonder if Weird Al has seen this ...