Super Chick Sisters

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'Super Chick Sisters' is a Mario Bros. spinnoff I made for PETA's 'Kentucky Fried Cruelty' campaign (see http://kfccruelty.com).

You are a chicken (yes) charged with saving Pamela Anderson from the evil Colonel Sanders in this short 5-level platform game featuring KFC-bots, super chicks, and cameos from half the cast of Super Mario Bros... Plus: finish the game to retrieve a code to play as Pamela Anderson herself!

This solo project was my first attempt at making a real flash game, and was a huge learning curve for me! Working with the BitmapData class for the platform engine was huge fun, particularly because I'm usually more of an illustrator than a flash coder (though that is quickly changing now that I'm starting to sense the incredible versatility of flash...!!)

Most challenging of all was optimising (what became) a resource-intensive game for machine performance, particularly for web.... where I discovered framerates vary wildly across browsers. I attempted to opimise my code over and over and tried all the framerate tricks I could find, but as a result I could never get this to run super smooth on FireFox (which as a FF fan, I am very disappointed about). To further enhance performance I developed an index for each platform -- so that only objects near the game window were processed. I wonder if this is a common technique, or if there are smarter ways to do this in flash for large platforms..?

Anyway -- here it is! To be honest I've never been a huge game player, and am still relatively new to flash, so I would LOVE to hear any feedback on the game design and/or optimisation tips for such a project....

I hope you will enjoy... Super Chick Sisters! :-)

A disclaimer: The high scores probably won't work on this version of the game on NG, since flash is very particular about which domains it communicates with! If you want to play a version of the game that is connected to the online high score server (or to download it for PC/MAC), visit http://kfccruelty.com/ superchicksisters

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Nice game, remember when i played this game since 10 years ago. ;)

Yea, so I'm not for everythin' dats PETA shittin' 'bout but I can AGREE with SOMEthings, acctually lookin' at everythin' dat PETA did games r da best, but this "PETA-fangame" thing is cool! I remember when I was playin' dis around 10 yrs ago 'n' I couldn't finish da game. So concept as usual, 'cuz it's PETA, crappy, but game's cool.

Code for Pam's: 'GOPAM!'

Would be good if PETA wasn't so sensitive.


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3.19 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2007
6:29 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop