Turts's clockday debut

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Turts enters the clockday fray. Steveuigi is too last year! Merry clockday people!


Turts: Delux Edition Combo: The Lowdown

Yet again, Charlie Robertson outdoes himself with this state of the art entry. Lets cut all the crap and get down to the details::-

Visuals -

This little baby has unique visuals, even to match some of todays modern animation that you see on television. Mr Robertson has clearly set visual goals from his past animations and completely toppled them. I mean, look at how ugly turt is! spendid! 10/10

Storyline -

As a confused tortoise in the wild, Turt must overcome his most exaberbationating complications and PISS TURT PORN TURT WANK TURT

Presentation -

Remarkable. It's standards such as these that only the industrys finest produce. Theres no looking back on quality here! Presented in a widescreen DVD 4x4 format for the viewers visual pleasure. Not to forget that it includes Turts. Stunning. 10/10


Off topic review: Samson -

Samson is a disgusting pig rapist unleashed from one of saudi arabias most dangerous leprosy colonies. He has aids and also has recently found a new love for heroin. I would rather stick my cock in a frog that has 1,000,000,000,000 chins, fall slave to the shit demon and then jump off a cliff than even LOOK at this disgusting creature. 0/10



Overall Impression -

If your a fan of top notch visuals, compelling storylines, remarkable presentation and irresistable turt charms, then this is a package for one being such as yourself! MILK

DrFishSticks responds:

I... am GRATIFIED. To find that there are still reviewers able to appreciate a good turtle for what it is! I'm also glad someone finally understood the meaning of turts's internal struggle and efforts to escape the dangers of the shadier regions of saltdean. After all, we all know the infamous steveuigi preys on the weak and helpless around those parts!
Oh, and the off topic review was a marvellous addition to your beautiful review, good sir!

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2007
6:22 AM EDT
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