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3 Second Collab

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A Clockcrew Collab where participants were limited to only 3 seconds of animation!

AirportExtremeClock, AirpumpClock, AmpClock, ApeClock, AssassinClock, BeanieClock, Biggskoo, BubbleTeaClock, CaramelAppleClock, ChaosStarClock, ChipmunkClock, CrustClock, EnglishClock, EvanClock, FireOpalClock, FlavorClock, IIDXClock, JohnDeereClock, KodiakClock, KrylonClock, LambadaClock, NightmareClock, OpalClock, PatriotClock, PepsiMaxClock, PirateClock, PlanetClock, RenegadeClock, RubberClock, R-Clock, SatelliteClock, SalmonberryClock, ScrewdriverClock, SilverberryClock, SixShooterClock, SplatterberryClock, TangClock, TopkatyoClock, TrekClock, TruncheonClock, UpdateClock, WatercoolerClock, Wind-UpClock, ZombieLincolnClock

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2010 was a wounderous year


Great stuff!

This is another reason why I watch the Clock Crew's flashes. It was absolutely fantastic to see so many of you guys contribute to one thing, even if it's only for 3 seconds. I think this may in fact have more collaberators than any other collab I've seen! It works well as a great length as 3 seconds gives a person a good time to show what their style truly is. It's nearly impossible to tell of a single one I liked the most, as they're all so awesome. All I can say now is, it's great to see all of the styles you guys have given us!

awesome !

COOOOL its awesome


Just one question. what's that song playing, the Japanese style one, the one in the clip before the clock says 'the clock crew loves everyone'

awesome movie guys!