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Peggey Movie

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Be sure to watch the whole thing! The song in the beginning is just an intro!

For people that don't know what peggeys are, they are nifty little wild creatures that are really cute as a pet. Dwarfinator was the first to discover them and set up a buisness:
Peggeys Inc. We catch the Peggeys and sell the to YOU! (You might know that the peggeys are
originally Pokemon called Swinups)

Imagine this, I'm sitting one day and I get an awesome idea for a signature for the forum. I decide "I'll make it awesome, and in 30 days, I'll have it up and it will wow people.
8 months later I'm submitting it as my Clockday movie.
I think it's safe to say I didn't quite make my original goal.

In case you're wondering, yes, this is a remastering of the Peggey Movie (http://www.newgrounds.co m/portal/view/61073). It's not a remake because I tried to keep very true to the original, though I stopped keeping everything exact some ways into the movie when I started to run out of time to make it.

Please, enjoy, and have a happy Clock Day!

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I like Peggeys.

Peggeys... are just...

I want one... and I want to pet it forever...

topcatyo responds:

In that case may I offer you the Perpetual Peggey (TM)! For anybody who wishes they can pet a peggey for eternity!

Warning: If you stop petting a Perpetual Peggey at any point, it will open it's ever-hungry maw and devour your soul so that you may never walk the planes of the afterlife. Enjoy!

lol gr8 m0ovi3 lolollolol

aww the song at the end made the flash just pwn!!!!!!
spanish flea FTW!!!! lol

topcatyo responds:

It's a classic.

Lol swinub

I want to buy a peggey, then I want to pet it.

topcatyo responds:

I'm going to catch a peggey, then I'm going to sell it.

Very good. :)

I was skeptical about the animation at first just for the simple fact that Dwarfinator Clock was starring in it and though a lot of Dwarfinator Clock flashes are funny they are bad in animation but this flash had both great qualites which was swell,not quite as random as i would have expect but still a really great Clock flash. ^_^

topcatyo responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
Also, while Dwarfinator's animations do not have the best animation, it lends a special kind of charm to his movies not found in other movies.