Kill Boe

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A simple game where you click and choose how Boe dies.
Not a very sophisticated game (by any standards) But hopefully worth a laugh or two.

I started this game when i was first learning how to make buttons back in about, mid 2005. Then I started building on it, and soon I had a whole game.

To save myself time, all sounds made in this movie come from my own mouth. So please don't rate based on sound. I know the sound makes you want to cut your ears off, but just look (or listen) past it, and focus on the humor

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some of them were funny because they were unexpected (such as the rock and butter knife) while the others were fine, not bad as your first game (although i wouldn't call it a game)

Just had to check out the original after the other, and man, the progress the game went through between this and that one is pretty incredible! It's an entirely different thing. Ideas aren't bad, but nor presentation or graphics really do the best work delivering those jokes. Plenty of ideas though. Props for initiative; fun to see how this started out!


Noodle responds:

This is a little hard for me to watch nowadays, but I will never take it down. It can still be a lot of fun to see where it all started! But those homemade sound effects are reeeeally cringeworthy.

The funny thing is that this was originally made because I learned how to make buttons. So as a test, I had a start screen that let you choose 2 different options - and it grew from there.
I can't remember for sure, but I think Cliff was the first one I made, and either Giant Rock or Butter Knives was the second.

i get it's old so it's not the best of quality but i like it. it's fun.

P.S. the answer to the math question is 155,248,787.5359021 (assuming the slashes meant division)

Noodle responds:

I think you might be the first person to actually do that math!
I got the same answer on the equation! My high school math teacher would lose her mind if she saw that lack of BEDMAS going on in that equation.

I am pretty sure I just mashed the keyboard a bunch. If I were to remake it now, I would have included a bunch of complex calculus or something actually difficult!

lel sony psp lawsuit incoming people find this helpful

Noodle responds:

Thanks for checking out this super old game! It's a fun excuse for me to revist something I made so long ago.

At the time, I had never actually play a PSP, and I think I was just being a fan-boy, mocking it as a way to show support for the Nintendo DS.

This game sucks.

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3.72 / 5.00

Aug 13, 2007
12:16 AM EDT
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