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It does not have very bad audio as I said, It's just quiet.

Here's the story;
Nicholas Jones is your average PC gamer and wannabe animator. One day Virgin Media shuts off his internet. At first he can cope.
He plays all his single player games and completes them.
Thing become tough when he is forced to read but he finds it boring and tries sleeping instead.
By now a week has passed and the internet has not been re-connected. Nicholas is starting to go crazy.
He has withdrawals from the internet and starts hallucinating and doing crazy thing.
After another two weeks the internet is re-connected and he continues with his life as nothing every happened.
You now get to see this compelling story in flash form now.

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Not too bad

It wasnt front page stuff. But it kind of spoke out to me in a way. As I felt just like you did when my internet failed on me too. I see you atleast tried here, and thats what matters really.

What suggestions I have is to improve your drawings, just spend more time on them. I see you use tweens for animation alot, so dont be hesitative to use filters, they add alot to the effects of any movie. As for the drawing, just spend a bit more time adding to those critical details, try using the smallest paint brush size, and zooming in to draw. That adds small details and improves overall looks of just about anything.

Well, good luck! 5/5, simply because it spoke out to me. :D

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H3LPM3 responds:

Well to let you know, I am already working on a new film that WILL have better voices, soundFX, detail and animation.

Thank you for letting me know what you think and giving me hints, I appreciate it.


well.. the story is interesting but look for a background music, y'know to make it more dramatic. and try using more sound effects. but the rest is ok for me.

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H3LPM3 responds:

Thanks I'll keep that in mind.

Not the best

Not the best, kinda funny with the cat cannon, but not that good

H3LPM3 responds:

It's just stuff that was rolling around in my head. I wasnt trying to make it funny or serious.


The concept was sort of wierd, mais bon...

Overall it was decent, try to work on the animating and definitly the sound!

H3LPM3 responds:

Well it was a shitty mic and recorded at 2am here but i'm looking for a new mic.


It wasn't all that funny.
Well, the going crazy part made me laugh.
But I can respect this since I went crazy without the internet for the whole 2-3 months I went without it.

H3LPM3 responds:

It wasn't suposed to be funny.
It's just what I had going on in my head.

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2.66 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2007
10:40 PM EDT
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