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D4ilytoon # 320

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today's dailytoon is brought to you by the power of grayskull.

in other news, i think the portal buddy system is all fulped up because well i just don't know.

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If this site was about gradients, buttons, and loaders, you'd get a 8/10 because your buttons are not solid. But since this is a site about just a tad bit more than that ... well, I settled for 0/10 because there is no negative button.

If this is what it takes to get an award here at NG, the NG is headed for the dumpster. Yes, I said it.


Makes me wonder what the "Review Crew" was drinking or sniffing when picking this.. They work in mysterious ways, i guess

Atomic Toast wins

It was the sun's eyeball that did it for me, lol


Adam Ant - An alein Hoverboarding

Joe Larti Cool - Some head trying to eat a flash thingy with a flashy background

StarBarry - Llama, a gold & blue guy, and some unknown rapper

Atomic Toast - Some teletubbie dancing thing

Overall: this one was pretty crappy, I'd say this has to be the worst menu to date

TheStarSyndicate responds:

the very first dailytoons had lackluster presentation as well

A fine addition.

Adam Ant's toon was the kind that can be watched all day and still be enthralling, and Atomic Toast's 'toon owns in more ways than one.