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Mouse Challenge 1

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Author Comments

This is my first decent game, and I hope you like it and it gets through judgement as I would like to have my game accesable to all of you. I know i'm not any where near the best at flash but I hope you like my efforts as I put a lot of hard work into this game for everyone.

The game is simple. Just begin and guide your mouse (shown on screen as a blue dot) through a maze allong the black paths in each level, and try not to touch the walls. Once you've rolled over the yellow circle it will take you to a screen before the next level.

I hope you enjoy my game!

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Hmm, funny.

Yea, you've done a good work on levels. But the game could be more organised. When I die at level 2, it says "Congratulations!" XD

Oh crap, I was going to call my game of "Mouse Challenge" ! T.T

MVK-Productions responds:

Thanks for the comments. Mouse Challenge 2 should add many of these suggestions, and should be out Early January 2008.

And, sorry about the name...

easy to cheat

listen dude, you need a bit more advanced action script or people are easily going to cheat by clicking down and moving through walls.

Sorry to hate on your game...

But I think these internets have enough mouse avoiders on them to last a lifetime. I know it's easy to make mouse-mazes, and that's why people do it... but come on now- there's got to be something you can do to make it different than the 500 other ones that already came out.


ok well the game was good but it had simple graphics and that glitch kinda annoyed me but i give it an 8

Pretty good, but needs a Fix

There's a glitch / cheat which enables you to pretty much win instantly. Just right Click, then drag the mouse over to the finish spot.

Aside from that , the game was well made and the music was alright, so I gave it a 7.

The only thing to improve i'd say are the graphics, they look a bit simple.