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Based on feedback I've uploaded a new version. The game now includes a mute button as well as options to change the controls from mouse to arrows, and the ability to change the behavior of the paddle. I've also made slight tweaks to the hit detection to try to lessen the ball going through the bricks that some people were seing.

Bust Up: Do you have what it takes to survive or will you Bust Up! Lightning fast reflexes will be needed to clear the board.

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Nice break out clone! Everything is smooth and simple. Great interface, great control, great music... there's really not much more to say about this. It's an arcade game like arcade games should be, simple and addicting. Keep up the good work!


good game

that was a pretty fun game. it got a little repetitive after awhile, but it still was quite addicting, very fun, and your efforts were nice. it also had some nice graphics, gameplay/controls, audio and plot to it as well.
nice work.

Not bad...

Got 206,150 on my 1st go and i'm completely shattered today (and it's freezing cold so my fingers are half dead/numb) so i think i did pretty darn well for a zombie-mood like mine!

Glitch and bug time!

1) The ball went through blocks sometimes. Don't ask me how, i thought you may know, but it completely screwed the game up for me as it started to do this:

2) The ball rapidly changed movement to a different direction, even when the ball hit a flat surface. It usually happens after the above happens, but it spoils it. A nice straight line then... what the... through the block? and now it's going to the opposite corner and... *lose of life*... UNFAIR!

Not bad, but the annoying and game-ruining glitches have got to drop you 2 points.


jackcole responds:

I think I know what might be causing the ball-through-the-brick thing. I'll try to corner that problem this weekend. The ball changing the angle of attach typically should only happen when it hits a corner, but if it's happening immediately after the 1st issue, it's likely a by-product of what's causing the original problem.

Thanks for letting me know.


Wow! A game where you have a bar that bounces a ball into blocks and destroys them! This is a new and exciting concept in gaming! Way to go!

yey i completed the game!

and got a score of 71300! very addictive game! i only died once in your game on lvl 7
but for the rest of the time i pwned your game totally! XD

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Aug 5, 2007
6:52 PM EDT
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