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Atari 2600 - Adventure

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Author Comments

This is an EXACT clone of the Atari 2600 game "Adventure" from 1978.

Your objective: Collect the Chalice and deliver it to the Yellow Castle.
* Use the keys to unlock the castles.
* Use the Sword (looks like an arrow) to slay the Dragons (which look like Ducks).
* There is also a large purple Bridge you can place to help get through mazes.
* There is also a Magnet you can use to free items which have gotten stuck.

Game #1 is the practice game, good for newcomers. Has only two dragons, and no bat.
Game #2 is the full game. [hint: You will need to use the Bridge to collect the Black Key]
Game #3 is the randomized game (My favorite!)

There are also several creatures trying to disrupt your quest:
* The Three Dragons (which look like Ducks). The Yellow Dragon (Yorgle) roams freely. The Green Dragon (Grindle) likes to guard the Bridge or the Magnet. The Red Dragon (Rhindle) moves faster, and guards the Chalice. You can use the Yellow Key to scare away the Yellow Dragon.
* The Bat is a scavenger, who flies about from room to room, switching around the items, and stealing them from you as well. The bat will even pick up dragons, so don't be surprised when you approach a castle and the bat exchanges your key for a live dragon!

Use the Arrow Keys to move. Pick up an item by walking into it, and press SPACE to drop the item.
If you get stuck, you can search around the Web for an Instruction Manual or FAQ/Walkthrough for the original Atari game.

When many objects are in the same room together, everything starts to flicker. You can not collide with objects which are not displaying on that frame, so take advantage of this to walk through dead dragons.

If you are eaten by a dragon, or otherwise can't progress further, press the Game Reset button to respawn at the entrance to the yellow castle. Watch out, because this also brings the Dragons back to life.

There are also Difficulty options available. Turn on Difficulty 1 to make the dragons bite faster. Turn on Difficulty 2 to make the dragons run away from the sword, so you never get a chance to stab them.

Now I'd like to mention that this is a perfect clone of the original game. Great care and effort has gone into making this flash game match the original in every way. I have based all the code off a disassembly of the original ROM. This flash is the real deal here.

If you are especially inquisitive, you might even find the original Atari author's secret room.

You can play a Wii-remote Friendly version of this game at www.dwedit.org/adventure

Yes the graphics suck. This IS an Atari 2600 game you know.

Revised Version: Added wrapping for Bridge, Fixed bug that allowed dragons and bats to escape locked castles.

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This game doesn't work anymore

thank you so much.... my favorite Atari game ever, my whole childhood!

This is a legit copy of the game. And I beat it. I am now the king of a flashing pixelated trophy.

Perfect Fun!

This rocks, man. Can you make a pitfall clone next?

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2007
8:41 AM EDT