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>>Please submit to RhythmGames Section
>>Press P to Pause at any time.
>>For those, like one dull reviewer, that think its buggy that you can run into your tail, it was made that way so that the tail serves as your "lifebar".

Just a small minigame I whipped up. Can the classic snake game be reincarnated with music sync? This is my version, the rhythm take on the classic snake. How well will you do in the highscores? Enjoy =)

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Pretty good! It's refreshing with a snake game where you don't kill yourself by running over your tail (which is actually a pretty unrealistic feature, come to think about it), but at the same time it's almost more challenging in how hard is it to steer, both to eat the squares and avoid the cutters. Also, woah, that's a lot of difficulty settings! On the easiest mode, it's a great time-waster, on the hardest, it's a challenge for only true veterans. Keep it going!



this is one of the best games on oldgrounds ya its oldgrounds


i like it but same brob as the rythym shooter. i get laged and i cant see anythnig. i like the menu and hard mode musics


One of the best games ive ever played!!!! Deffinetly challenging but fun!!!!

It's fun

I like this, a good take on a classic. I also like how the tail is used as a life counter instead of a bar or numbers. Kinda like how Dead Space used those lights on the back of the main character's suit.