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Resident Evil 4: Garrador

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Yeah, I got alot of crap on my last movie about using line drawing too much, so I tried brush, but it doesnt look too much better. Anyway, the second installment of my Resident Evil 4 movies.


that sucked!!!

I hated you're flash... No offense but it had no story, no plot, just some random shit... next one may god give it a decent plot!!!!! The sound matched the flash... (if you know what i mean...)

EB3 responds:

And Im also guessing you are one of the fucking morons who has never played Resident Evil 4, but hoped to somehow watch a movie about and completely understand?


The ending was good, but it was rather short. Maybe try for something longer?

the police guy...

...gets dumped into the lake and eaten by del lago, the other guy was in the car when it got knocked into the canyon at the beginning of the game. I played through the game about 30 times on pro difficulty and I like to try to see if i can trip things up a little but they programmed everything really well. One thing i like doing is going bass fishing on the lake with the harpoons, its a good way to get your health back when you are hurt on pro.

personally I cant wait for the remake to come out for the Wii, RE4 was made to be controlled with a Wii-mote, and the knife action? if you could control that with with the mote it would kick more ass than bruce lee and chuck norris combined. anyway nice flash, I thought it was funny, keep em coming

The Lone Reviewer

EB3 responds:

No, they dumped the SECOND police man into the lake

Very Nice

Loved it. I died like that like 5 times.


EB3 responds:

Aaaaaand, dismount!


i love the end! "and dismount!"

EB3 responds:

But seriously, where does the police guy go? He kinda disappears after the Del Lago battle

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2007
4:54 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody