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Author Comments

Hooray! This my entry for the Wiggi World Arcade Competition. Took me more time than i care to admit. Here's some quick facts:

- I tried to make it fun for young and semi-old, so the difficulty increases while you play
- There is a really easy-to-understand how to play you can't not look at, please DO READ IT!
- Reasonable scores for this range from 5k to 50k.

I hope you guys can enjoy playing this despite the the little-kids-compability.

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(title in work)

This is definitely one of the better Wiggi games I've played so far. The graphics were quite sharp, very clean, especially the custom menus and text. Game play was pretty easy. I played on a laptop, didn't change my aim or position and was able to get a considerable score. Not sure if you wanted it this way or not.

Pretty good entry to the contest

It lacked variety, but made up for it in the "see how many you can volley" factor. And the AI of your partner wasn't too shabby. Normaly in games you end up wondering where the "intelligence" part comes into play with the characters who are suposed to aid/help you out in a game. But the girl actually kept up her end as long as you didn't smack it completely out of whack. The graphics were good too, though there was only one screen to look at.

The only thing I thought off was your comment that the reasonable scores started at 5,000. I died out at about 2,900 at my best... granted I wasn't trying to master the game or anything, so I am sure with more practice I could do batter, but how long does it take to reach 50,000?

The little object you hit around in Badminton is also referred to as a "birdie". Which is probably a little more kid friendly than the "shuttle", or "shuttlecock" nomenclature also attributed to said object.

bukKkk responds:

The scores don't go up linear, so the further you get, the faster does your score multiply. It's just a little to hard to get a hang off if theres nobody to explain by your live-action-side, like I was when I tested this on the target audience. It's a little late for an easy fix on that, but eventually the game will reward your restless attemps to get into it. Thanks again for the useful feed. :)


it was pretty fun but ive got a fix for ya

the thing your hitting is a badminton shuttle not a ball, thats tennis(trust me its not a ball) youre saying its a ball
only a little fix but a fix nonetheless

bukKkk responds:

Shuttle, heh? See, I was wondering about that and went with "ball" for the lack of the proper word. Thanks. :)

nice little game

Gave it a 5/5 'cuz it was quite fun, despite the slight difficulty in understanding the game's physics :-D Kept me entertained for a while, nice submission to the Wiggi World contest! Keep up the good work.


I know this game is meant for wii, but couldn't you have put in a choice for some more computor friendly controls?

bukKkk responds:


Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2007
8:45 AM EDT