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Sudoku Omega

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Finally my new Sudoku with a complete new Sudoku generator. No more bugs or mutiple solutions and a super hard minimal Sudoku at level 20.

For more information take a look at my userpage.
For the complete songlist take a look at my Sudoku II.

* the last level (20) is now selectable as a bonus level (yes it is possible with only one solution!)

Thank you all for the Daily Feature!
Thanks for putting this into the puzzle collection guys.

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Needs a notation option

Solid game and really used your mind in order to win excellent work

This is pretty cool. I've always liked a morning Soduku, but this is probably the first time I've tried it in Flash. The difficulty settings are much appreciated, and the game itself is easy to play. The interface is sleek and more graphical than I'm used to, and the dial when you click on a tile works well. It's almost easier than pressing a tile and entering a number yourself, at least quicker. Good music to go with it, too. Keep it up!


I like it ...

but, it's like any other Sudoku game.

Not bad but...

Well, hello! Long time since I last logged to NG. Oh, how I missed this!
Nice game and design but, as Protoslo and UberBarista said I find the fancy colors hard to play the game. A solution could be on skins (just a suggestion! Paper skin, nice white cells with black grid skin, and one with colors for givens and guessed and this fancy one. Maybe just taking out the shadowing on givens would be great, the entered numbers could be grey to differentiate them from the givens). Customizable games are more user friendly with staying players, the occasional ones do not count.
I see that using just the mouse makes the player a little slower than using mouse for pointing and keyboard for entering numbers. The approach is good anyway, I saw other version with the numbers on the left which I thing IMHO it's way not user friendly, but I preffer using mouse and kb. Yeah, I know it is harder to program actions for every key but at least you need 9 (or 11: 9 numbers, 0 for erase and another key (shift or toggled enter) for entering notes).
Notes! What about them? I can't hold in my mind all the posible numbers for every cell and if only trying to memorize a row at a time it is annoying (the good thing is that it makes my memory stronger :-D).
I didn't found the bug that makes the possible numbers dissapear, maybe Protoslo's mouse is broken.
I saw that the timer counts 0:1. Usually seconds get left 0 so it reads 0:01 :-)
The overall design is good, nice graphics (although confusing) and music fits perfectly with the game (I think that songs should shuffle and not just repeat forever... Something more you can put on user customization!).
Well I tryed to be constructive, not just criticize your creation that is definitively good, but for me, not the best approach. Cheers!
Ps: Where it reads "Columns left". Shouldn't read "CELLS left"? :-D
Ps2: Südoku Omega it's named because it is your last südoku game? I hope you make another one!