Resident Evil 4: RGNR8RS

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A short film about Regenerators, and how annoying they are.

PS, if you were also scared shitless by the bag in the dumpster, please say so in your review, if you leave one!


Fuckin funny!

It wuz great,all though with the bag in the dumpster thing,it would be funnyer if when it started to move Leon screamed like a little girl,also I had to change my pants when that bag moved the first time I played RE4,lol

funny stuff!

UBER LULZ!!!!!! you could work on the drawing part facial features would be nice

The bag

The bag... I knew about it beforehand 'cause people were talking about it on a forum, but I still felt nervous watching it squirm when I got to it. I probably would've dropped my controller if I hadn't known, though. xD

The best theory I've heard about the bag is that it was actually one of the Ganados' children. I believe that in the end credits, they show some of the Ganados eating and/or stuffing their kids into bags, so... *shrug* Maybe that was a kid who survived and was trying to escape, and we've all been shooting/nading him over and over again. Who knows?

Funny LoL

LOL pretty good. and dude before me, the bag is in the very end, the last time you find a regenarator in the jail cell place. but dude i seriously almost cried when that bag started moving... lol i unloaded a whole clip on the thing. pretty funny lol

very funny

i was laughing all the way but i was wondering a abuot the bag i have no clue about it at all since i beat the game about 20 times and never saw a bag but funny with my gun your face

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2007
5:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody