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Dragon Pants 2

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Author Comments

Another one of my old games!

To navigate the menu, use arrow keys and spacebar.

(EDIT: Almost forgot! Use the Options menu to activate "Bad Translation Mode" for the truly authentic arcade experience!)

Default controls are arrow keys to move and control to fire. You can change them in the menu, but if you change your movement away from arrow keys, I'd advise you change your firing key to something besides Control (I found out Ctrl+w = close the browser!)

It's a shooter - hold down the fire key, kill enemies or dodge them.

But it's got a twist! Enemies drop meat powerups that you can cook with your fireballs to make them tastier and more powerful - but if you singe them, they become close to worthless. Collect enough food to get new powerups! You can tweak the order you receive powerups in the options menu.

You can kill enemies with your tail.

Each dragon starts with a permanent powerup, and is the only one able to reach max level in that special field.

Brestor - Starts with +1 Fire Power (only one who can get to Lvl.4 Fire - the NOVA ball)
Sheeba - Starts with +1 Shoot Speed (only one who can get to Lvl.4 Shoot Speed)
Lemn - Starts with +1 Move Speed (only one who can get to Lvl.4 Move Speed)

Certain Bosses will drop THE PANTS. While holding the pants, any points you score are doubled AFTER all other bonuses are applied! Also, the pants will protect you from one hit without losing all your powerups.

The first level is actually a difficulty selector. If you defeat Rizoa, you gain the SACRED PANTS and wake up from the nightmare and fight in the real world (which is harder). If you don't defeat Rizoa, you don't gain the SACRED PANTS and fight only in your dreams (which is easier).

Half-way through the main level (after the prologue stage) there is a warp zone. This will let you go to a secret bonus stage full of golden mosquitoes. They are very hard to kill and there are tons of them, but they drop lots of goodies. Also, if you can find the golden key in this area, you can rescue Princess Yulia, who will proceed to ride on your back and fire her Royal Bazooka at the enemies.

This game started as an interactive Christmas card I made a few years ago, hence the Christmas Themed level, and little bits of religious imagery and music.

Heavily inspired by "Dragon Spirit", in this game you are one of three Guardian Dragons protecting the planet Boldrak from the Nightmare Demon, Rizoa, and his minions. It was eventually going to have lots of levels, but eventually it ended up having 1 prologue level, 1 main level, and 1 hidden bonus level. It's complete in its current form, if I work on Dragon Pants again it will be on Dragon Pants 3.

I will comment that the "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" sound was derived from a midi file that was some random thing I found years ago on www.lockergnome.com - and I do not have the artist's name. I wish I did, I've been unable to find it ever since. All the other audio in there is my own work, but that one track is not. If anyone knows who made that song, let me know and I will post the artist's name here. I've since learned how to go about getting quality audio that is easy to credit, but I made this game years before I knew any of that stuff. Here it is - "as is."

(Why Dragon Pants 2? There was a Dragon Pants 1 before it. Dragon Pants 1 was a failure. You are not allowed to see it :P This one is much better.)

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:D Good Game

Not allowed to see Number 1 :O! Come on
Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssss sseeeeeeeeeee!!!!

play Dragon Spirit much?

Dragon Spirit was the last game I ever got for my Nintendo. Brings back memories...


This game was very unic! I haven´t played any games like this before, however it wasn´t very impressing.
Keep it up!

Odd, but fun

First, I have to say that the concept for the game is pretty flippin' weird. However, it still plays really well, and a dragon wearing pants is pretty funny. Looking forward to a sequel.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2007
8:01 PM EDT