Megaman X: Final Strike

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Well heres my first flash submission and my first flash movie. Here is a sample of how the fighting will be and the beginning of a new plot. I think I'm a noob and still gotta a number of things to learn. I hope you enjoy and leave comments.


It was a good beginning

It was pretty good. The only problem was the text speed. You need to either slow down the text or add some voiceovers for each character that's talking. I prefer the voiceover to make it much easier and better for the flash. Oh I almost forgot that one title thing in the middle of the flash. I was about to close the flash thinking it was a to be continued right there but then it continued the fight sence again. Don't do that. It confused me and must of confused anyone who was watching it. I hope episode 2 will be a lot better. Good flash, and good series. Just needs improvement.

it was iight

the only thing is it feels to much like dragonball z. takethat down a lil to make more like dragonball. take the cursing down a lil tiny bit.

dont get me wrong it was good.


The amount of swearing and use of chatspeak struck me as being unrealistic. X acted much more cocky than he is in the games, and he shouldn't have a Z saber if Zero is still around. Too much like DBZ also, imo D:

Still, fairly nice. Will watch ep. 2 now.

A lil old but

You got some talent there! I liked it! Keep em coming

Good. Great.

Love it. I think the swearing was a little overused. Anyway, loved the training. Can't wait to see the series.

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2.74 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2007
12:58 PM EDT
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