Tower of Babblers

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This is a game I made for the 2nd Jayisgames.com competition. It's a simple puzzle game, which comes with no instructions (as per competition rules). Some people said it was way too hard to figure out, so here are some hints:

1) Click on the Monument covered with vines twice to start things off.

2) Click on the hourglass twice to reset the level.

3) Everything you need to solve the puzzle is right in front of you. Pay close attention and click on everything :)

4) In the ending, nobody is getting zapped.


Oh man, lmao, love the Tower of Babel title pun! Somehow that always makes me think of Doom... but yeah, I know it's completely unrelated. There's not much of an in-game introduction (actually, there is no in-game introduction!) but the idea does seem pretty neat. Different, fun, and with sprite graphics. Good play!



The aim is to build the towers shown in the meter, in the same place, at the same height (e.g. three blocks tall) and in the same colour. There are six building spaces. They correspond to the six spaces on the meter (the vine box you double click).

You make people by clicking on the purple square tiles on the left, two people build towers slowly, three people build quickly. You can change people's colour by clicking on them, from red to blue to gold to red. If two people see someone of the a different colour inbetween them, they'll kill him. If there are two of different colours, nothing will happen. If there are three of different colours, the tower gets smaller. If there are several of a different colour i.e. three reds on a blue tower, they'll build it down. If you reach the heavens, God will screw with your people and your towers. So don't.

This is the method for winning.

Double click on the vines. Work out where each tower is placed. On a spot where you need people, triple click, turn them to the right colour. Once they've built it up click on the middle one. When they kill him, click on one of the remaining two, and the two will fight and do nothing. Continue this till you have all towers you need.

Critisism. Make a scoring system. Give us some powers, maybe godlike, to screw with the towers. Perhaps a divine fist, or a catapult. Maybe the ability to call down fire on people. Make the people have amusing speech bubbles to explain to us what's happening. Examples. "Where am I?". "I think therefore I am... or am I" "Oh God, my girlfriend's gonna hate this new outfit(after God changes them)". And some movie quotes maybe, if you can't think of anything. As they get donked and fall off. "It's full of stars". "Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty red". "I fart in your general direction." When someone bounces off another group. Something to keep our attention. Maybe add a quote or two from genesis on the babel tower, or a proverb or two, inbetween scenes, that seems strangely relevant. Like... Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established. Proverbs 24 v 3. Or, a bit later, Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: v27. Make the game interesting at every turn.

Great Game

at firstthe game is confusing,
i messed up a couple times.
but after a while you start to get the hang of it
overall great game!

nice game

that was a pretty nice and fun game. it's a little bit hard and complex, especially when you first start to play this one, but once you get the hang of the gameplay and the plot to it, then its a lot more fun to play and serves as a pretty good time killer.

The real game is figuring out how to play it.

I think I know, I hope you dont mind me explaining my findings.

Well, when you click on the vine doors, then when you click on the tile floors next to it, little people appear and start building towers. I've noticed that they are all racist. The red haired ones refuse to work with any one else besides other redheads and if people next to them are beating them in building towers, then they will get angry and demolish their own tower. Also, if a redhead is placed next to a gold head, the redhead will jump off and commit suicide (D: Thats why violence is a 10). The green heads work well and dont anger as easily as redheads but they usually dont work with other colors. When they complete a tower (i think, there might be a different trigger for this) the babblers turn into Gold heads which are the best and most efficient workers. Although I'm still not sure what the HUD on the vine doors means, and Im not sure how to win either but thats what I found out so far. Hopefully this will help other people who play that game. I've also noticed that sometimes, god destroys the buildings and sometimes, the buildings grow to become multicolored. Maybe in order to win, you have to get all the different races to work together. I'm assuming this was inspired by the Tower of Babel, where God made everyone speak a different language from everyone else so that they wouldn't be able to finish building their giant tower. I gave sound a 10 because All those babblers talking at once was pretty funny.

I hope this helps someone with a little more time on thier hands figure your game out. Is that the point of the contest? To see whose game can be figured out by random players first?

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Jul 14, 2007
1:43 AM EDT
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