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Skate Flash Collab 2

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Author Comments

-Skate Flash Club 2-

This collab was created by the members of the -SFC- (created by Jestar).

Taking approximately 3 month to complete we fell we have put together a selection of different styles to hopefully make an awesome skate flash.

Well we hope you enjoi out work.




wuznt at all realistic but was the best flash ive seen in a long time keep it up

cronic-22 responds:

thanks man.

Pure awesomeness. :3

One of the best collabs EVER, I really enjoyed watching it and this is also the reason why I joined the SFC so. :3

Well, like I did with the Pico Day Skate Collab I'm going to review every part separate so, let's get started:

The menu+intro:

Awesome menu, just a nice clean style with everything you need, good job with that. The intro is also very nice, just some random shit. :D (Also, the Easter Egg is in the skater at the menu, CLICK IT NOW :3)


Nice part, good tricks, good graphics but yea, maybe a little bit too much sound effects. But still good job in the original Marcy style with nice effects, GOOD JOB!


The same old school Cronic style like I know it :D Good music, nice realistic tricks and awesome BG's! :3 Also good sound effects. :)


One of my favorites! :D Really awesome and good. Smooth animation, good animation and even humor :3 Very nice animation, keep it up Jestar! :3


The awesome MC motiontween style of Lochie, awesome! :D Realistic, good sound effects, just the best. I freakin' love Lochies style. :3


Also wonderful animation, nice BG, funny and and smooth animation. I really like the style of Mraw, it's so smoothie and good. Love it :)


Good FBF animation, funny and smooth. Not much to say about, really good. :3


Really funny, maybe not realistic but good animation. Very good outro for this wonderful animation. :3 Also funny song, I like it. :) But how can he skate faster than a car? xD Also good end, I liked it. :D

The credits:

Awesome, good music, funny animation and smooth, really awesome! :3


So overall, very good Collab, keep it up guys and I'm looking forward to see the Skate Flash Collab 3! :3


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cronic-22 responds:

thansk for teh breakdown we appreciate a nice clean review.

Yah what he said

im a skater and this is wat i think. Cronic 22 realistic. The guy with the mario noices not. BUT BUT Mario dude was FUCKING FUNNY and that is what makes this flash great! Whoo hoo yah yah!! LOL i think this was the perfect balance of realism
and jaw dropping fast ass animation!! Great! I like the way cronic animated the grip tape!

Loved it

i think my favorite was Jestar's.

As for the realism half of it,
i think that's the beauty of flash, or all artwork in general.
It doesn't have to meet what you call real,
and even if the people who made this dont skate, who gives a shit?
Okay, you wanna make a realistic skate flash?
Create 8-10 kids skateboarding in a downtown area,
getting arrested, and usually the most impressive trick they pull off is a
nollie kickflip or something.
That's realistic. That's boring.

cronic-22 responds:

Thanks for the review, the thing is about half the memebrs of the collab do skate, were not some stupid posers.

And what you say is true why does everything have to be realist in a skate flash? its a cartoon! you dont see people writting review fro stick men fights saying "that was unrealistic" so why do we get it in a skate flash.

Max Skills

Very good animation, even if it wasn't realistic... cause that's not what animation is about... *glances at MisterDielectric* Okay... and to anybody who bitches about animation cause it's not realistic: SIT DOWN AND STOP WHINING, it's not meant to be realistic... in fact, most of the stuff on Newgrounds is far from realism... oh and what ho! Irony! and I quote: "The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole." Less drama and more flash puh-leez, no more ranting... unless you're Foamy... then it's entertaining :B
And once more: Great Animation guys, keep it up!

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cronic-22 responds:

thatnks for the review, and speaking the truth, yes its a cartoon not a simulator!

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Credits & Info

4.27 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2007
4:07 PM EDT