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Edit: Some people are complaining that the blocks don't fall on the rhythm... I replayed the game several times, and they really are falling to the rhythm, just not always to the rhythm of the melody.
possible moments:

beginning of the melody note
beginning of the bass note
end of the melody note
end of the bass note
drum cymbal

Edit 2: I'm aware of the problem that suddenly the notes can stop falling (doesn't happen frequently, chance is about 1/25).... I tried to solve this, but couldn't really find the problem. I'm sorry, but if you run into this problem, just go back and play the song again.
Hint: Try to get to the medium-hard levels, they are way more fun than the 2 easy levels.

In this rhythm based game, it's your goal to become a rock god while touring 8 different festivals.

The game includes 8 songs: 2 easy, 4 medium, 2 hard

Hit the arrow keys to the rhythm of the music, read the instructions for further information.

Good luck, and enjoy!

PS: Thank you to the music artists for the great music!


Its ok

Its good but it needs to be faster and harder in the begining. Its still no flash hero but good try

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besides the problems that were lsited it stoped playing sumtimes haf way through a song and thas crap, you need to fix that big time notes just disapairing off the screen , i couldnt go on cuz of it doing it at song 6 back to back like5 times

Fix this thing.

I'm not even talking about the damn 1/25 problem with the notes. The game does NOT feel fluid at ALL. I'm staring at the damn screen trying to test when I hit the arrow key instead of judging it by the song's beat or guitar pattern. Whether it's your hit margin for each step, or the synch, it doesn't matter. FIX IT SO I CAN TELL THAT I'M HITTING THE NOTES RIGHT!!! Your ear should be the first indication of whether you hit a note or not.

You chose some awesome songs, though. Kudos for getting a stellar soundtrack. Still, I only got to hear 5 or 6 of those songs before I GAVE UP.

Interface was kinda bland. I liked the filling up the logoes with color, though, but change out some of those bland ass gray colors for some shades of the rainbow.

5/10, because I'm so damn frustrated after playing it, and the interface was bland as hell.

Very nice. Just get rid of those bugs.

Great game. I recognized Saria's Song on the third level from Zelda.
Like you mentioned in the comments the notes just stop falling and the song won't end. It's happening way more than 1/25 times. Its really irritating to get right and the end of the song without missing a note and the thing messes up.
Otherwise, absolutely awesome game. Keep it up!

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great idea

i love the idea of the game but i think the game is in some parts of the song not in the right rythym i have this same problem like the guy before me

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3.76 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2007
1:38 PM EDT