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Wiggi Rescue

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This game is a tribute to Icy Tower, so please vote fairly on my game, and not just on the fact it's based on icy tower.


The first DECENT submission to the Wiggi World contest is finally here :D Brought to you by Bendo and Skeik, enjoy this game.

Skeik Says: "This game was originally supposed to be Higher and Higher 2. It contains a completly different and better engine, with increasing difficulty. Most of the things people complained about are now fixed, and the graphics are A+ thanks to Bendo. Enjoy!

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I was thinking this was a piece of cake until the steps suddenly started going in zigzac from one side of the screen to the other. 522 points... is that good? Would be cool with a highscore tale! Also, the music really doesn't fit the increase in pace, but for what it is it was fun. Keep it going!



You used the retarted animal nanies theme. Now little kids are gonna watch it

How cute.

This game almost reminds me of Ice climber in a way. But I still can't believe you used the RAB song. Heh oh well!

Nice Improvment!

Hey Skeik! I reviewed your first try of a Flash Icy Tower and I must say! You've done a good improvment!
Anyway, this feels much smoother than your first attempt. I can't complain about your graphics. But when you jump, it feels a little restricted on where you can jump. You don't have the freeness as you do when playing FLD's Icy Tower, you know? Still, good job. Another down is that you can't jump that high even with your "cartwheel" jump.
Other than that, You've done quite will. I will surely recommend this game to the people on the FLD forum. Wanna link? Here.

I think you've been harsh!

While this game is good, it is NOT the first decent one in the competition. But it is good, so good luck.

Skeik responds:

If you saw the submissions that came out only before this one, you would agree with me. All the ones that were before this were simple food catching games.