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Super Mario bros Z intro

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[Update] Thanks for the Daily feature and front page again everyone. I hope you continue to enjoy my series. ^^

[This is not the next episode of SMBZ, but this intro does contain some visual spoilers for the series. If you don't want some plot elements revealed prematurely, close this browser now!]

Just an anime style intro I've been wanting to make for SMBZ for a while now. Took me roughly a few days to make, start to finish and i'm happy with the results.
The anime music is the opening song from Megaman.EXE Axess. I was inspired to use it after watching the TTA series by Kirbopher15. (Check it out here: http://tta.fireball20xl.com/ ]
But anyway, hope you all enjoy.

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I really enjoyed this! and I hear there's a reboot?! :O

There is no other feeling I strongly bear than just nostalgia, as that my brother and I enjoyed your works back then.

Hearing that you're now returning to work on your reboot, we're both looking forward to relive our nostalgia again, only with better writing as you have announced and your new set of animation skills.

Looking back at your original series, you have indeed came a long way, and I tip my cap to you :)

this still gives me chills to this very day

i watch this series 11 years
Thanks Alvin for making this best series so far