String Avoider 2

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SA is back for the final installment. This is completely different from the first two, on a acrolling engine and more detailed level editor. You can now paste your levels in reviews for other people to import and play. Also, SLOW-MO!

If you like this game, please DIGG it.

Credits go to Beaverelfeater and I and armorgames for sponsoring it.

gl, hf.


Not hard at all

The only levels that were remotely difficult were the very last couple. I never had to use any of the slowdown stuff, and why didn't you just make the string small from the start? With the exception of maybe one or two levels, EVERY SINGLE level had the string cutter right at the beginning. So, what's the point of making it a power-up if it's on every single level and very easy to obtain? The last one in this series was much more entertaining and challenging. Very disappointing. And then when you win, bam. Right back to the title screen. There wasn't even a "you win" message. What's that all about? Bleh.


Good game. It's not as bad as people are saying. It lasted a good few minutes. Bunker do not take the top route. Although it is kind of funny.
| ______________________________
Unless this "map" got butchered when I submitted my typing this is kind of what the Bunker level looks like. Top is a trap with lol at the top. good
Game any way.

No, No, No, No!

This is by far the worst SA You've made. The string will go red and you have to restart even if the string isn't touching, it turns red and you lose if you are 10 inches off (Sarcasm). It's just so bad, why dont you edit it so you can actually play without having that happen. the particular level this happens on (The first time anyways) Is Easy Street.

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my level

Tight Squeeze|ME! name|110,70,30,250,110,20,150,
50,260,20,30,300,130,240,10,20 ,140,240,50,80,110,310,100,160 ,280,320,10,150,260,320,20,150 ,210,360,30,110,110,470,130,18 0,230,530,290,120,430,510,-100 ,10,320,500,170,-50,520,530,10 0,10,550,510,60,20,610,520,-10 ,-60,600,450,20,60,610,500,10,
30,320,500,120,10,480,440,90,1 0,550,450,50,60,320,440,120,-2 10,560,430,70,-190,560,420,70,

not very good, but its something


I definately didn't like how the string would just follow your mouse, made it frustrating at times... I prefer to just drag the string myself. But other than that I had no problems with invisible walls or anything so I definately wouldn't mind seeing another one, keep it up.

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3.59 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2007
4:23 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid