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We've all be there - we week-end of partying suddenly seems less of a good idea as your parents' car pulls up on the drive and you are confronted with empty bottles, dubious substances and even more dubious friends. There are plenty of hiding places but not much time.

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doesn't work at all in ruffle...you can click and drag but it doesn't register any of the items as hidden

Doing this with a track pad is the worst thing possible

"The Rough Guide to Amsterdam and a sailor costume." Wouldn't want your parents finding out your plans to sail to the Netherlands.

Overall this game was cute and concise, the whole dragging things to hide them was unique and I haven't seen anything like it thus far. The whole operation toppling down, and the absurdity of some of the items made for a good laugh, and probably one of the few examples of proper humor from the early portal.

The only thing that makes this short of 5 stars was that there wasn't much challenge to it all, I wish that you had to memorize the locations which you had to put the items and get a time penalty for the wrong place or something, or just having more levels in general. The games is great as it is though.

LOL this game...2005, never forget.

I have been playing this damn game since 2005 and have never been able to beat it until I tried it on my bro's PC today. What a Christmas present.