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Thanks alot NG voters!
What's happening NG? Let me introduce you to the Color Collab! Which has over 10,000 frames, after 4 months and 5 days the Color Collab is finally finished for good! The Color Collab was originally created by connemaraproductions, but he gave it to me (TheGreatPatten).

The idea of Color Collab is to make a 30-60 second animation using only one elementary colour.

Everyone in this collab put thier best effort in the collab, and helped out nicely, so enjoy the damn thing.



So, I thought since the way the collab is done, I will review it by color.


Cool 3d effects, although a bit repetative, it was cool. Why would you pick a color you hate? o.O :D

Goodm music, some good graphics. However I hated soem of the tweens used. lively.

I was hoping for mroe than motorcycle tricks, hoped a bit much I giess.

Decent, like the music, rest was meh. Alright.


I felt like partying, it was fun and funny.

Worst of the collab, repetative faces and poor fbf, collab leader, this is what made the marks go down in my books :/.

Other remarks:
Menu/preloader. Cool backrounds, it was nicely executed, and suited what it was, the color collab. The cursor was wicked awesome, liked it a bunch. And the pause feature was good, as it helped me write this review as I went. :D




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TheGreatPatten responds:

Wow, thanks. You forget to write about blue :). Appreciate the review my man


this would be real fun if you were high off something

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TheGreatPatten responds:

You would be fun if you were high off something.

It could have been better...much better.

This collab wasn't so good as I expected it to be. Over four months in production this collab, didn't show much potential really. The sound was off, the extras weren't so pleasant, nor were the animations.

The purple part was rather LONG, and I think it may make people just click out of the animation to begin with. I'm not that big of a fan of this collab. It could have been better, and thats all I have to say. It seems to be a bit rushed...that's all. Better luck next time. :)

Cheers !

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TheGreatPatten responds:

It actually was pretty rushed over the last month. I like the way how your honest on your reviews. Anyway, if we decide to make a sequel, we will chose more experienced artists. Thanks for the review my man

What the hell fishhook!?

And here's me thinking you couldn't get any worse. You've stolen mr-womble's explosions, and the rest of your part was exactly like his, but churned out by you very poorly.

You ruin all collabs you run and now you're even stealing. Just go away and hopefully never come back.

I apologize, I will now talk about the other authors, they sure as hell don't want to be dragged down with you.

Pretty original collab guys, sure took you a while! Very psychodelic indeed. I think you should've used one song throughout, but it wasn't anything big really. I have to congratulate Roon, for his water part. It was very mellow and... well deep, as water can often be.

Good collab guys, an overall great effort. Except maybe fishhook.


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TheGreatPatten responds:

Maybe you guys should sort things out with Fishhook. I liked Roon's blue part the most also. Thanks for the review man

not bad

tha sound quality could have been better. the graphic were ok. like than Ng lookin tank and the bike tricka lmao. that was pretty cool.next time use some of my music :) RED was the best.

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TheGreatPatten responds:

You should've posted in the collab my man. Maybe if we decide to make a sequel, we'll use you.

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Jul 2, 2007
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