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Moldy Maze

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Hey everyone! My friend and I have been working on this game for a while now, and we're glad to announce that it's almost completed!

Now the reason we submitted it to Newgrounds is that we need feedback. This is a demo, only 10 levels are avaible, but I hope you can enjoy it.

Please leave constructive criticism, and enjoy!

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Wait so theres only one level?

Come on man you could'nt even bother to make a "congrats screen?" Man talk about lazy! But at least you made a anti cheating thing. That was a nice touch. But yeah try harder next time.


now i reallize that this is a demo, but you have to add like backgrounds and stuff, I don't really know if u have because it's really hard to play on a laptop. Okay... the mouse ran smooth and everything, it was good, you just need to make the first level like a square or something really easy. mmkay its probably going to be a good game mmkay.


the first level is very difficult, and the only way for me to beat it is if i go slowly every time. and im not going to waste my time on this. so make it easier.

It's kinda good but ...

1. Submitting demos to Newgrounds, if I recall correctly, is a violation of flash submission rules.
2. Even the first maze is really difficult.

Very nice.

Great idea. Too bad people with parkinson's would have no chance on playing the second level. Great game; no problems.